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Customer Care via Social Media [Infographic]


A-Guide-to-Social-Media-Customer-Care-infographic-315Communicating with customers via social media allows companies to respond to customer concerns in real time, build brand loyalty, and receive useful feedback. A well managed social media account can turn a negative customer experience into a positive interaction and improve a company’s reputation with consumers.

However, the opposite is also true and a mismanaged account can have a lasting negative impact. A key part of social media interaction is how a company handles the initial response. Here are three tips to start the process off on a positive note.

Three Steps For Positive Customer Interaction

Respond Quickly:

First and foremost a company should respond to customer complaints or questions in a timely fashion (within an hour). Being ignored only increases customer frustration. Also, many social media complaints go ignored so by being responsive a company stands out for the better.

Use Names:

A company should address a customer by their name (or username) and also sign their postings as well. This helps frame the conversation in a friendly tone. By referring to a customer by name it shows a company cares about them as an individual.

Communication Channels:

Not all customers want their conversations with a company made public. A business should always be aware of a customer’s comfort level with a conversation and offer to it move it direct messaging if desired.

Excellent infographic! Thanks, HeadwayCapital.com

A Guide to Social Media Customer Care

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service [Infographic]

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service-Infographic-315

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service-Infographic-315With practically everyone on social media nowadays, it’s not surprising why many people use social media to connect with businesses whenever they have questions, suggestions, or complaints.

What the numbers say

As many as 90% of social media users have initiated communication with a brand through social media. Among all current channels for customer service, social media gets the highest preference at 34.5%, followed by live chat at 24.7% and email at 19.4%. Phone calls — the oldest channel of them all — are at the bottom with only 16.1%. It’s not a surprise why 63% of customers expect brands to deliver customer service on social media.

How to use social media for customer service

A quick response for first contact resolution is the key to successful CS on social media. The average response time for brands is five hours, but customers expect more. Around 42%  want a response within an hour, while 32% want one within half an hour. More than 10% expect immediate responses!

Instant replies aren’t always feasible, but be as quick whenever possible. Poor response time leads to 15% customer attrition rate. No response? Expect at third of your customers to switch to a competitor, and a half of your customers to drop their advocacy for your brand. Worse, 31% will go online and share their bad CS experience for everyone to see.
Websitebuilder.org.uk created this infographic filled with great info on Customer Service.