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[Infographic] Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

[Infographic] Best Practices for Email Subject Lines
Your email subject lines determine whether or not your message will be read. To make sure it does get read, follow these tips when writing your subject: Be concise It should take only a quick glance for people to grasp your subject; otherwise, they might ignore your message. Also, a long subject doesn't get fully displayed in the inbox list, so it fails to make an impact on first read. Give details It sounds contradictory, being specific while keeping it concise. But if the 140-word character Read more [...]

An Introduction to Content Marketing

Traditional advertising isn't enough in this day and age. What readers want is great content. Content marketing takes time to show its rewards. With content marketing, businesses are promoted to thousands of consumers online. There are so many things that a business can post, infographics, videos, ebooks, and blogs. All of these things are basic but are somewhat time-consuming. Some companies opt on the decision of hiring freelance writers, or in-house writers to handle all of Read more [...]

Repurpose Your Content

You probably have a ton of content on your website, I know I do. How can you capitalize on that older content? This infographic from ExpressWriters gives you a little nudge to start now. There are many reasons to repurpose web content: The number of people listening to podcasts of repurposed content is growing yearly. Tweets with visual content receive more clicks, favorites, and retweets. Presentations with visuals are 67% more effective. An infographic is 30 times more likely to Read more [...]

How To Be More Productive on Social Media

How-to-be-More-Productive-on-Social-Media 2
Reaching an audience through social media should be quick, entertaining, and fun. Here are some tips to stay on top of social media and trending content: Checking Twitter, Facebook, and Google Trends for trending topics related to your market and using that topic to create a post. Making sure the post is proofread and accurate. Submitting the post and staying active with the response it receives. After the content is posted: Study the analytics from your posts, and ask questions Read more [...]

Creating Appealing Visuals

Creating Appealing Visuals
Social media is a huge and very busy place. It's difficult to get noticed but you can increase your chances of standing out by creating appealing visuals. Some easy things to remember when using images are: Make sure the image relates to the post Design with grids Use a photo filter Set up a color palette and font style for your brand People notice images, especially when they are used consistently or appear in a particular color scheme. Eye catching photography, videos and infographics increase Read more [...]