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Instagram for Brands – How to Make it Work for Your Brand

instagram-logo.pngRecently acquired by Facebook, Instagram is a photo sharing app that now boasts more than 55 million users and is continuing to grow rapidly, adding nearly 5 milion users a week.

Due to this massive adoption rate and the way it intersects with other social platforms for posting such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, it’s important to assess whether your company should have a presence on this mobile app.

While it’s an obvious fit for fashion, beauty, and photography companies Instagram can also be beneficial to many other brands.



There are at least two options for Instagram use by brands:

1. Post for Customers 

Customers like to take a peek behind the scenes and see what’s going on within their favorite companies. Visually appealing  updates using Instagram can help a brand extend their influence and reach new audiences.

Instagram is a great way to share your company’s happenings, inner office workings, and connect on another level. (Tip: You don’t necessarily have to set up an account using your company’s name, although that will help spread your brand further because people will be seeing its name within their feed on a regular basis. If you prefer the more personal approach, just encourage an individual like your CEO or a marketing director to jump on board.)

2. Use Hashtags and encourage fans to Post to your designated Instagram Hashtag

Clothing retailers, fashion brands, and sports teams (like the Minnesota Timberwolves) are using Instagram hashtags to connect with their fans. One example is fashion retailer, Kenneth Cole, who creates a new Instagram hashtag each week, displays the images on their Facebook Page tab, and has a panel of judges select the best images to display. The campaign is focused on their Facebook fans and pinned to their Facebook Timeline.

This is a great way to get fans to participate!  

Setup a hashtag and have users load pictures of themselves at your venue, using your product, spotting your product, etc.

See Kenneth Cole Facebook example below.




Other ideas:

* Be active within the community: interact with key consumers by liking or commenting on their photos. 
* Keep it fresh: try snapping photos from new angles and break out beyond the confines of standard pics.
* Cross promote: Don’t forget to consider sharing your Instagram photos on Twitter and your Facebook Page.


So consider ways your brand might use the power and rise of visual media with Instagram!  Facebook owns Instgram, and the power of using Instagram with your brand Facebook Page has great potential for visual marketing and engagement.

Want a Instagram Tab on your Facebook Page?  TabSite offers a Facebook tab for Instagram!  Integrate a feed of company Instagram photos for display, or go the hashtag route!  

See Instagram for Facebook Pages.

Instagram comes to Facebook Pages via TabSite

Instagram.  The darling billion dollar mobile app for social photo sharing comes to Facebook Pages through TabSite. 

As noted by Social Media ExaminerInstagram was the smartphone photo sharing tool of choice long before its acquisition by Facebook and the release of an Android version. And it’s growing faster than ever.

Now TabSite users can create an Instagram tab on their Facebook Page!

TabSite makes it easy to leverage the power of Instagram by creating a tab to display a brand’s Instagram account photos or photos from a specific #hashtag.

With user account photos, you can display your brand images from Instagram on a tab, and with hashtags you can empower fans to load their own images with the hashtag you identify and thereby pull in user generated Instagram photos.

Page Admins have access to hide images from display on the tab to better control what items are displayed. With social sharing tools built in, including the ability to “Pin” images to Pinterest, the TabSite Instagram tab gives brands a way to easily showcase mobile photos on a PC and enable fans to share mobile photos connected to your brand all while sending traffic back to your Facebook Page!

How are big brands leveraging the power of Instagram?  See this study by SimplyMeasured.

Available to all Platinum Plan TabSite users, this new addition to the TabSite Engagement App suite of tools makes it possible to bring the power of Instagram and other social sharing services like Pinterest together in once place, your brand Facebook Page.  

See live example on the Minnesota Timberwolves Facebook Page.

Learn more about ways to use Instagram for your brand!



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