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Staying Safe Online: 6 Threats & 9 Tips [Infographic]

Staying Safe Online infographic

Staying Safe Online infographic

The Internet is crucial for modern society; however, navigating the internet can be tricky because of looming cybersecurity threats. So staying safe online should be a focus. Protect yourself and your business by knowing what possible threats look like and adopting some tips to be safe.

Possible Threats

Today cybercriminals are more sophisticated using human psychology and social engineering. These are three of the nine main possible threats.

1) Phishing attacks

These personalized messages look like they came from reputable sources. However, they contain links to malware that can infect your device when clicked.

2) Scareware

These pop-up windows contain alarming messages with links to unsafe websites. Your fear may compel you to click and unknowingly download viruses.

3) Third-party apps

These apps mishandle your personal data, whether intentionally or not. They hand over your information to other parties.

Internet Safety Tips

To avoid becoming a victim, you can adopt these tips.

1) Use legitimate software

You may need to shell a few bucks for paid apps from known developers. Free software can end up being more expensive if it gains access to your personal data.

2) Visit only secure websites

Websites with HTTPS in their addresses are safer to visit than those with only HTTP. A small lock sign icon near the URL is also an indicator of security.

3) Steer clear of phishing scams

Not all emails get filtered into the spam folder. It’s important to carefully scan every email you receive. Hover over a link before clicking it to see where it will go.

Check out 3 more threats to look out for and 6 more tips to follow in Staying Safe Online: 6 Threats, 9 Tips, & 1 Infographic below. Stay safe always!

Social Networking – The Dark Side

Social Networking’s Dark Side


Social Networking’s Dark Side

People jump on social media sites like Facebook to keep up with friends, family and fans. More often than not people find their experiences with social media pleasant. However, like the real world, social networking can have a darker side.

Even though most users post relatively harmless items, some people post offensive or harmful items. Inappropriate sexual content, graphic content and illegal activities are all activities that are reported daily. When reported, these posts are reviewed by moderators or a specialized team and action is taken to either pull the content or warn the account holder.

Users who post offensive content are warned that their accounts can be disabled. The moderation team has the option to alert authorities to deal with threats and other situations. Facebook also partners with suicide prevention agencies to help those who’ve posted a cry for assistance.

With billions of accounts, it’s impossible for all accounts to be monitored so be careful what you click on and pay attention to warnings from responsible users.

Social Networking’s Dark Side