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Marketing Tips for Law Firms and Businesses


When you’re working hard to make your legal business or attorney’s office a success, you might not be paying much attention to the marketing side of the job. That’s understandable – after all, you’re a trained lawyer with plenty of irons in the fire and many clients to keep abreast of. But the truth is, if you want to truly make a success of a start-up, small or independent law firm, you need to engage in marketing. This article shows you how to do so without breaking the bank or spending too much time away from legal work. 

Understand Digital Marketing

Your first concern is to simply understand the world of digital marketing. Only then will you be able to plan a strategy to get your firm on the map, with higher visibility and engagement. Consider how the following might work for your business:

  • UX focussed web design, optimized for mobile as well as laptop
  • Multimedia blog posts that explain some of your toughest and best cases
  • Keyword used to help raise your website up the Google rankings
  • Partnerships and cross-promotional links to other local businesses in your area

All of these techniques will lead you to more visibility, more web traffic and more business for your law firm – but you need to understand what they’ll offer you before you crack on and create your strategy.

Outsource the Work

There are two ways to enact a marketing strategy for your law firm. The first is to hire at least two professionals to perform your marketing campaign in-house, and the second is to outsource this work to professionals. With the industry-specific marketing options in Just Legal Marketing, it would seem unwise not to choose the latter option. That way, you can sit back and allow people who know the industry inside out to help you draw up the perfect marketing campaign for the modern business world. 

Make Media Appearances

Law is a part of the world that many people don’t consider – it’s a layer of what makes the world go around that we’re all too often unaware of until we really need an attorney to look at our case. Recognizing how people interact with the concept of law, and with law firms specifically, will help you build a solid media strategy that’ll involve your appearing in the media to comment or commentate on some of the cases that are either making the news in your locale or around the world. Media appearances boost your visibility – and it’s well worth taking the time to do. 

Work Well

While most of your marketing strategy in the digital era should be built around how you look in the online space, there’s also something to be said for the ’old fashioned’ marketing strategy of working well for your clients and letting word of mouth take care of the rest. Make sure you’re putting your all into every case and every client in order to make sure you’re enjoying only good reviews in the community. 

These marketing tips should help any law firm get more business in the future.