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[Infographic]The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn Ad Types

Infographic-The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn Ad Types.

Infographic-The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn Ad Types.With over 600 million users and more than half the users being active users, LinkedIn ranks as the largest professional networking platform. It’s also among the top five most popular networking sites, which includes social media networks. Similar to any other social media platform, advertising on LinkedIn also provides a marketer with various ad types and formats to try with.

Like other mainstream platforms, one should be choosing ad types and formats based on specific actions that you want to achieve. LinkedIn ads support engagements, brand awareness, lead generation, website visits, visit views and job application.

Getting Started

Create a LinkedIn page

One can start by creating a LinkedIn page that is provided for free. From it, one will be able to post and share content that will consequently help in gaining followers.

Content promotion

Create a sponsored content campaign that is able to meet the marketing objectives. Personalize and test the ads for a specific audience prior to publishing the ads on the LinkedIn page.

Measure progress and optimize

Weigh the performance of the campaign with engagement metrics and adopt demographics in order to get a clear understanding of your target.

For a brand targeting a professional audience, then LinkedIn advertising may be the right solution. This ultimate cheat sheet for LinkedIn Ad types from TechWyse will help in marketing on LinkedIn.




Ultimate Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn Ad Types



With more than 610 million registered users and over 303 million active monthly users, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform globally. It is also in the top five for the most popular networking sites (including social networks). At least 40% of the monthly users log into their accounts once a day. If you are looking to reach a professional audience, LinkedIn advertising might be the right solution for your business. This cheat sheet for LinkedIn Ad types can help you with marketing on LinkedIn.

These stats make LinkedIn a formidable marketing platform for shrewd businesses. Better still, about 21% of all professionals, 57% of companies, and up to 92% of Fortune 500 companies have a presence on the network. It means, especially for B2Bs, that your next customer could be on LinkedIn.

Get Through the Door with Targeted Ad Types

If you’re wondering where to begin your LinkedIn marketing campaign, the platform’s ads would be a great place. At least 26% of social media marketers use LinkedIn Ads, 58% of whom say that the ads deliver much better value compared to other social media ads.

But, you must use the right ad types!

Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn Ad Types

Fortunately, TechWyse has created a detailed infographic guide on LinkedIn Ad types to help you get started with your campaign. Among others, the guide looks at and discusses best practices for;

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Ads
  • LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Ads
  • LinkedIn Dynamic Ads
  • LinkedIn Text Ads

Check out this cheat sheet for LinkedIn Ad types to learn creative ways to generate more traffic, leads, and customers from your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Social Media Ad Size Cheat Sheet

Social Media Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet Infographic Bannersnack

Social Media Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet Infographic Bannersnack

This is an awesome infographic on social media network ad sizes from our friends at Bannersnack.com

Expert use of ads on social media involves understanding these tips and tricks.


  • Make sure your ad has a clear call to action
  • 20% of your ad can be text. The rest should be a high-resolution image that conveys your brand personality.


  • Make your ads compelling
  • Test your cards frequently


  • Give your audience a reason to pay attention to your ad
  • Monitor your ad’s click through rate



  • Keep your ad actionable
  • Monitor comments and posts

Social Media Ad Sizes Infographic 2015