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B2B Marketing Isn’t Boring. It’s Brilliant.

b2b isnt boring its brilliant

b2b isnt boring its brilliant

That B2B marketing is challenging doesn’t mean it must be boring. Yes, it takes a bit of thinking to get other businesses to notice your products. Furthermore, to give you that all-important call. However, you can still make B2B marketing fun. Not to mention fascinating and win over even more hearts and souls in the process.

Through their Marketing Solutions Blog, LinkedIn offers a few examples of brands applying various playful strategies. Therefore making B2B marketing entertaining and informing. The standout examples include;


To demonstrate the power of 5G internet for businesses, Cisco recently developed a “Me+Moo” campaign that invites users to download an app that connects you to a real-life dairy cow wearing a sensor. This way, farmers can get live updates on their cow’s wellbeing.

It’s a simple marketing campaign. But the results were quite impressive. It attracted plenty of media coverage and won Cisco 11,000 new customers in just a month.


In their recent “Hey World” advertising campaign, Upwork reaches out to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Elon Musk of Tesla to offer them the company’s freelancer-hiring services.

As a result, the attention-grabbing, 15-second ads garnered an impressive 10% increase in Upwork’s uptake among Fortune 500 companies.

Check out the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog to learn other playful tactics different brands have implemented recently to make B2B more fun. You may pick up a few tricks for your business.

How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Small Business [Infographic]

How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Small Business.

How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Small Business.There has been a lot of misconception that LinkedIn is purposely used for job searching. That would have been the case when the site was launched years ago, but that’s no longer the case. Currently, people are using LinkedIn for business-related purposes. For example, creating relationships with like-minded professionals, being up-to-date with evolving industry trends, and discovering new leads who could turn up as potential customers.

It’s worth noting that LinkedIn is the largest professional network with more than half a billion users across the globe. With each passing time, LinkedIn is becoming a sales and marketing tool in addition to a hiring platform.

How to effectively use LinkedIn to grow your small business

Ability to highly target customers and connections

Small businesses can target an exact industry, job role, and company size that they are sure will typically purchase their products. For example, a company selling customer support software to small businesses can set ad campaigns to only show to businesses having under 100 employees. Furthermore within this grouping, only to executives with customer-support titles.

Use sponsored updates

This feature provides demographics that are similar to other social media platforms such as gender, age, and location. However, one key difference is the ability to customize based on company name, title, job functions, groups, and skills. This enables users to target particular industries without competing against spam of other irrelevant messages and companies.

The effective use of LinkedIn will no doubt help in the growth of any business. Try it now and look forward to positive changes in your business.

[Infographic]The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn Ad Types

Infographic-The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn Ad Types.

Infographic-The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn Ad Types.With over 600 million users and more than half the users being active users, LinkedIn ranks as the largest professional networking platform. It’s also among the top five most popular networking sites, which includes social media networks. Similar to any other social media platform, advertising on LinkedIn also provides a marketer with various ad types and formats to try with.

Like other mainstream platforms, one should be choosing ad types and formats based on specific actions that you want to achieve. LinkedIn ads support engagements, brand awareness, lead generation, website visits, visit views and job application.

Getting Started

Create a LinkedIn page

One can start by creating a LinkedIn page that is provided for free. From it, one will be able to post and share content that will consequently help in gaining followers.

Content promotion

Create a sponsored content campaign that is able to meet the marketing objectives. Personalize and test the ads for a specific audience prior to publishing the ads on the LinkedIn page.

Measure progress and optimize

Weigh the performance of the campaign with engagement metrics and adopt demographics in order to get a clear understanding of your target.

For a brand targeting a professional audience, then LinkedIn advertising may be the right solution. This ultimate cheat sheet for LinkedIn Ad types from TechWyse will help in marketing on LinkedIn.




How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing [Infographic]

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing [Infographic]

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing [Infographic]As the world’s largest professional social network, LinkedIn is home to people who are looking to make meaningful business connections. It’s a great platform on which you can do some serious marketing, especially if your posts stand out from the rest. Here’s how to do just that:

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Quality matters the most, and that’s exactly what sponsored content delivers. Your post will be shared with your target audience only, resulting in more relevant leads.

LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail

Personalized messages get more attention than generic ones. To send such messages, use Inmail and its dynamic macro so that you can pull a member’s name into the greeting without having to do it manually.

Whether you go for sponsored posts or emails, remember to experiment with content to see what works and what doesn’t. After all, building your brand is a process that takes time to establish.

Thank you, Hubspot for this great article on using LinkedIn for marketing your business.


Who is the Typical LinkedIn User in 2014?

portrait of a linkedin user

portrait of a linkedin user

Wondering if the people and businesses that need your products and services are on LinkedIn? Here is a great breakdown of the demographics of its users. If your business demographics overlap any of these demographics, then LinkedIn may be the social network for you.

Groups are, in my opinion, are where the gold is. 33% of LinkedIn users are in anywhere from 1 to 9 groups with 23% of users in up to 19 groups.

A whooping 75% of users like that they can see who is looking at their profile. It does go a long way to connecting to the right person with which to network, collaborate or do business.

36% of users say that LinkedIn has been very helpful in growing their business, network with others or find a job.

70% of LinkedIn user also use Facebook for their business, with Twitter being used by 60% of users. Only 25% of users use blogging as a way to market their business.

portrait of a linkedin user

Graphics courtesy of http://www.powerformula.net/