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The Simple Content Marketing Checklist

5 Steps To Successful Content' - topdogsocialmedia_com_content-marketing-checklist

Need a simple but thorough guide for content marketing?

Would you like to grow traffic to your site through blog posts that others value and want to link to and share?

Melonie Dodaro of Top Dog Social Media has created a great 5 Step Content Marketing Checklist that you can use right away!

The 5 Step Content Marketing Keys are:

1. Planning & Research

2. Writing

3. Optimization

4. Making it “Shareable”

5. Promotion

Here’s the infographic to share!

The Simple 5 Step Content Marketing Guide:


For the full post with even more detail, visit: topdogsocialmedia.com/content-marketing-checklist/.

What do you think?  Anything to add, any questions, or anything missing? Please share below!