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Ways to Motivate Your Remote Team



When motivating a remote team there are several different approaches a manager can take. One of the key difficulties with remote workers is the lack of a traditional office setting. This makes team building difficult. Here are three tips to help build team unity even when they’re spread out across the world.

Three Ways To Build Team Continuity With Remote Workers

1. Foster Personal Interactions

Remote workers can feel left out due to a lack of in-person interaction with their co-workers. Therefore, make it a priority to encourage communication. Try personal discussions and communication platforms such as Facebook Messenger. By encouraging communication trust is built up between onsite and remote employees.

2. Keep Them Informed

It’s easy for remote workers to feel distant from their employer. As well, may be unaware of current events. A good manager keeps them informed with regular meetings. Highlight business performance, goals, and current important news items.

3. Use Technology To Build Communication Channels

Internet communication platforms such as Slack make interoffice communication easy no matter where employees are located. A general office chat room allows remote workers more opportunities to interact with the rest of the team. As a result, this helps to build camaraderie.

Thanks to our friends at Businessbacker.com for this insightful infographic.