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Effectiveness Of Online Advertising – Statistics And Trends [Infographic]



How effective is digital advertising? It’s the million-dollar question for most businesses, how to start digital marketing. Business is built on profitability. How profitable is digital advertising?

Online Advertising

Invesp recently did in-depth research on this topic. From the findings, two things are apparent;

  • Digital advertising is very effective
  • A lot of people are doing it wrong

For those looking for evidence of the effectiveness of digital marketing, the report begins by pointing out Google’s revenues. In total, online advertising earned Google at least $134.81 billion in 2019 alone.

And it’s not just Google. Facebook, Amazon, Verizon, and American Express all generate enormous revenues from their digital ad campaigns.

Unfortunately, not all businesses are doing advertising right. It’s appalling, for instance, of the 1,700 ads sent to the average digital consumer every month only 50% are viewed. Worse still, only 0.01% (one in a thousand) ads in an ad campaign get a  click. It’s a grim situation, to say the least.

So, where do advertisers go wrong?

There are several issues, from targeting to inappropriate content, and fraud. Targeting, though, sticks out as the biggest problem area. On average, only 44% of all ads are in-target!

Check out the infographic report from Invesp to find out what you need to change to get your digital ad campaign back on track.


Lead Generation in 2019: Tips from Experts [Infographic]


Update for 2019:

What is Lead Generation in 2019

Online lead generation requires many elements to be a success. However, many marketers make errors in the very early stages of their marketing plans. Two of the most common errors are not correctly identifying the target audience and not making proper use of visual content and media.

Target Audiences And The Visual Aspect

The Target Audience

Many failed attempts at lead generation failed due to not targeting the right audience. A targeted audience should be very specific in their profile, wants, and needs. They are often a very specific type of customer who is in need of what a company is selling. Once a target audience is identified materials should be produced that speaks to them and reaches them on the proper platforms.  Offer incentives as a reward for responding to inquiries. This practice can increase response rates.

The Visual Aspect

For a marketing campaign to be effective it has to visually appeal to its viewers. Most people are visual learners and are responsive to visual elements such as pictures and different colored text. In addition to this visitors also respond more favorably to videos. The proper use of visual media is an attention grabber and instead of having to read paragraphs of text to make a point a visitor can understand an image’s core idea within seconds of viewing it.

Thanks to our friends at venngage.com for this insightful infographic.


Demystifying Adwords [Infographic]

Demystifying Adwords

Demystifying Adwords
This great infographic comes to us from our friends at the DailyInfographic.

Through AdWords, businesses can advertise their products and services on Google.

They bid on keywords relevant to their niche, and their ads will appear alongside organic search results. The competitive keywords are priced higher, but businesses can bid on long tail keywords not only for their lower prices but also for the better-targeted audience.

The good thing about AdWords is that it’s a pay-per-click advertising program.

Businesses pay each time someone clicks on the ads, not each time the ads appear.

To maximize AdWords, businesses should determine which match type they should use.

There are 3 match types on Google: phrase, broad, and exact. Phrase refers to searches that include whole phrases, broad refers to searches centered around a keyword idea, and exact refers to searches for only a keyword idea. In general, exact has the cheapest cost per click but the highest conversion rate.


Avoid Becoming a Marketing Dinosaur

Avoid becoming a marketing dinosaur

Avoid becoming a marketing dinosaur
As recently as the early 90’s, marketing meant purchasing ads on tv and through direct  mail. 20 or so years later the marketing industry is flooded with so many new ways to digitally engage with customers that it can be easy to be left in behind.

Fun Facts:

  • Market salaries for great marketers will double over the next 5 years
  • Marketing has changed more in the past five years than in the past 500 years
  • An estimated 131,500 new market research analyst jobs will be opening this year, and another 22,900 openings are anticipated for marketing managers
  • The unemployment rate for marketers with the right mix of skills is trending towards 0%.

The marketing world is always evolving, so check out this awesome inforgraphic from the folks over at TheLadders.com to learn essential tips from some of the world’s top marketers on breaking in and staying relevant in the business.

TheLaddersMarketingDino (1)

“Never stop learning”!  I like that one!

It’s true.  Change is a constant and the speed has picked up.

What’s your highlight from this research marketing report?

Are you Setup for Marketing Success? 10 True or False Questions to Help You Find Out


As a business owner it is very important to take a good long look at what is going on in your business.  As you know having customers, clients and patients are the lifeblood of your business.  So, the marketing aspect of your business needs to be constantly improving.

So, I’ve put together 10 true and false statements that will help you understand if you are on the road to business success, struggle or failure in today’s new economy, our new world of social media, and online marketing.

This is meant to help you get clear and see where you need to improve your consistency or get real with yourself and realistically understand if you have the hours in the day to handle all that is required.

The days of popping an ad in the paper or in the yellow pages is over and it’s time that business owners, the ones that want to succeed for the long haul, get serious about what they want.

So, take a moment and see which of these statements are true or false for you and your business?

10 True or False Questions to Guide Your Digital Marketing

1.  I have my client’s emails in an email campaign manager like Mail Chimp, Aweber, icontact, etc.  Either my staff or myself actively update this list.

True or False

2.  I currently have a blog and either my staff or I write/post a blog once a week, which is sent to my email list and posted on all my social media profiles.

True or False

3.  Either my staff or I email my clients or potential clients great content on a regular and consistent basis.  (I also receive either written or verbal responses from patients, clients or fans that this information is helpful.)

True or False

4.  I have social media business profiles and either my staff or I actively post engaging content and status updates multiple times per day.

True or False

5.  I understand how to and actively place successful Facebook ads for my business each week.

True or False

6.  I currently have a landing page or squeeze page that shares a free e-book or report that specializes my expertise in my field of niche.

True or False

7.  I have written an ebook that I am currently selling on amazon about my area expertise or niche that pertains to my business.

True or False

8.  I am either employing help or I have the technical ability to understand how to implement all of these components into my business.

True or False

9.  I have a solid understanding of how internet and social media marketing works in order to make it successful for my business.

True or False

10.  I have a strategic plan for that will help my business grow and reach my goals.  

True or False

The key is to really identify where you’re weak
and also where you are strong.

Smart business owners know this and do this.  They don’t take it personally, they understand this is part of growing! Once you identify those strengths and weaknesses you can easily begin to make the appropriate changes that will dramatically increase your success!

And if you are one of those business owners that still don’t see the validity in implementing these marketing strategies listen to a conversation I had this morning with an oncologist and my client who (at preschool while we were dropping off our kids.)  My client said to the oncologist verbatim…”The results from social media and working with Amanda have been dramatic.  Last year at this time I had 5 new patients for my practice and this month I have 30 new patients.”  (and the month isn’t even over yet.)

These are the results when done properly and consistently!

So, in short…this is what you need to be doing consistently.

1.  Building a massive email list of clients, patients and customers. 

2.  Writing 1-2 blogs per week and sharing via email and through all of your social networks.

3.  Consistently posting 3-12 times per day on all social media channels for your business with engaging content.

4.  Focus on building relationship with your fans, followers and clients that creates a culture and a loyal following.

5.  Create a free report, ebook and other written publications to help spread the word about your area of expertise as well as continue to grab the attention of new fans, followers and clients.  View TabSite eBook on Facebook Page Review Checklist >>

6.  Continue to learn new strategies and techniques for implementing these strategies into your business through online courses, consulting or seminars OR hire a talented person who can implement this for you. I come from the philosophy of do what you are good at and let others to the rest.

7. Create multiple streams of landing pages and websites that bring in new leads for your business.

8.  Develop a strategic plan on how you will achieve your business goals.

There you have it in a nut shell.  This is what you need in today’s world of marketing.


Need Support?

If you need a strong person on your team that understands the online and social media marketing world please feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to take the time to speak with you.  919-539-6451 or email is marketing@amandabrazel.com

Wishing you great success!

Cheers, Love & Success,

Amanda Brazel