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How Speed Affects a Website [Infographic]

How Speed Affects a Website - 315

How Speed Affects a Website - 315Life happens at a breakneck pace these days. If your website can’t keep up with your customers, your business will be left behind. Mere seconds may not seem like enough time to dissuade someone from visiting your website. However, if it can’t keep pace, you may find yourself in just that predicament. Thanks to our friends at Skilled.co for this eye-opening infographic how speed affects a website.

Page Load Speed and Your Website

In just moments, a possible customer can decide it’s not worth the wait. According to Skilled.co, 47% of internet users expect pages to load in two seconds or less when surfing the web, and 64% of mobile users expect a page to load in four seconds.

It might not seem like a couple more seconds would make a difference, but consider this — a page load slowdown of just one second can cost Amazon a total of $1.6 billion in sales annually. That’s more than enough reason to make sure your website is primed for speed.