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Content Intelligence: How Can it Empower My Business? [Infographic]


Content-Intelligence--How-Can-it-Empower-My-Business-315-1In 1996, Bill Gates wrote, “Content is king”. More than 20 years later, that motto still holds true. Content may have evolved, but it remains to be the most important ingredient of online marketing — so important that content intelligence (CI) came into being.

CI refers to technology that analyzes content and transforms gathered data to practical insights meant to improve content strategy. Therefore, thanks to CI, content is no longer just a means to rank in search engine result pages; it’s also a way to attract and sustain the attention of your target audience.

CI helps you Achieve Several Goals

Producing relevant content

CI looks at past data to determine the content that best appeals to the audiences you want.

Distributing content

CI identifies the locations where specific marketing campaigns will leave the strongest impact.

Improving content

CI highlights areas for growth in order to increase favorable results.

Figuring it all out

CI answers the pressing questions on why a certain piece of content succeeds or fails to engage.

Keeping up with the competition

CI gives you an edge over competitors by ensuring your marketing strategies are effective.

If you’re serious about content marketing, you better get serious about CI. It’s a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal.

Many thanks to Spiralytics.com for this