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[Infographic] Boost Sales with Coupons


[Infographic]-Boost-Sales-with-Coupons-700Coupons are a classic way of bringing in buyers and just having the option to save money encourages people to make a purchase. Despite many storefronts moving online coupons remain very effective as a sales tool. Here are two ways coupons help boost sales for businesses.

They Drive Sales

Just having a coupon can make an interested buyer visit a store. Before they may have been on the fence about it but a coupon gives them an incentive to at the very least take a look at what’s being offered.

In addition to bringing in customers, coupons also help convince them to complete the purchase. Many customers would not complete a purchase without the coupon giving them a good deal. Much of what customers buy are things they were going to buy or thinking of buying anyway and a coupon can provide that last push to complete the purchase by saving them money.

It Makes For Happier Customers

People like saving money. The act of finding a good deal and making use of a coupon to get it triggers many of the same chemical effects in the brain that are associated with a positive response. This results in higher levels of oxytocin and lower levels of sweat, a lower heart rate, and more relaxed breathing. 11% of customers report being happier when using coupons.

Big thanks to iThemes for this useful and eye-opening infographic.

The Secret to Crafting an Awesome Sales Pitch


The-Secret-to-Crafting-an-Awesome-Sales-PitchTechnology is changing the way people interact with each other. Customers are more informed than they’ve ever been. Many are well researched on a company, its products, competitors, and reputation in the marketplace. This makes crafting a successful sales pitch rather difficult at times. Part of crafting a modern sales pitch is telling a story and using it to connect with potential customers.

Tell A Story

A good sales pitch tells a story. Remember a customer can get basic information about a product relatively easily. Customers want more than just facts, they want something they can relate to. A good story builds trust and creates an emotional reaction. The story itself doesn’t have to be complex. A hero overcoming adversity and succeeding despite difficulties is a classic story and one that works as a sales pitch.

Connect With Customers

People seek out a product or service because they have a problem that needs to be solved. Part of connecting with customers is framing the sales pitch as a solution for these issues. Focus on the positives a product can bring and show how it can remove negative issues. A good sales pitch presents a company as a problem solver.

Thanks to PureB2B for this great infographic.