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The Benefits of Video for SEO [Infographic]

benefits of video

benefits of video
This year, using video for online marketing is taking the spotlight for several good reasons.

Consumer reach

Around 69% of people online prefer to learn about products or services through watching a quick video instead of reading blocks of text. Also, 76% would share a video on their social media networks even if it’s branded as long as they find it entertaining enough. This makes the viral effect possible.


As many as 93% of businesses that use videos as part of their campaigns report a higher user understanding of their products or services. As a result, 74% of users who watched explainer videos beforehand became paying consumers. That’s a pretty impressive conversion rate.

Videos are popular not only because they’re quicker to digest, but also because they engage different senses all at once. From a marketing perspective, this advantage leads to better engagement.

Here’s an infographic that illustrates this point from Take1 Transcription

The Benefits of Video

Do Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings?

Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

Again, Neil Patel over at QuickSprout has hit one out of the ballpark with this infographic “How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings“.

This is one side of Social Media that isn’t talked about much … how your social media accounts impact your search engine rankings.

You may be getting little to no leads via your social networks but doesn’t mean they’re not vitally important to your website and business. Google and Bing use data from social media networks to help determine your website page rank. (Here we’re talking about Google Page Rank, not necessarily where your website is listed in a search engine.)

If you want to really impact your search engine ranking use Google+. Back in the day, when G+ first came out, I linked to my website, and I went from page 10 to page 3 on Google instantaneously!

Case studies have shown that by starting a G+ page and getting 100, followers a website rank can jump almost 15%! That’s a huge upward trend.

What types of social signals will benefit your website? What is Google looking for?

From Twitter:

  • The number of tweets and retweets an URL has.
  • The level of authority (followers) the person tweeting has.

From Facebook:

  • The number of shares and likes an URL has.

From Google Plus:

  •  The amount of +1’s an URL has collected.

How do you get more shares, likes, retweets and +1’s? Pay attention to your posting days and times, 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm eastern time on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays are the times when posts are shared the most. Add an image and a question for more engagement with your followers. A top 10, a how to post or contest are a great way for more people to connect and share your brand.

Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings