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Qualities of a Good Inbound Marketer

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What differentiates a good inbound marketer from a bad one? It all boils down to a set of important traits: Analytical To find success in inbound marketing, you need to know learn how to understand data and use it to your advantage. Data is useless if you can't develop useful strategies from it. There are several metrics to keep track of, but it's worth investing time to each. For example, a high unsubscribe and a low open rate mean something. You're probably sending emails too often, or offering Read more [...]

Infographic: Search Engine Optimization Checklist

search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process and tasks involved in pushing a website up to #1 on the search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Understand the Details of the Business For your site to be successful in the search engines, you have to understand the details of the business. It's easy when you deconstruct the business model to get into the business details. The more you understand your customers POV, the better your site will communicate a message that engages and inspires your potential Read more [...]

Images Should Be A Part Of Your SEO And Social Media Strategy

Images Should be a Part of Your SEO and Social Media Strategy
Are you making sure to include the use of images in your online marketing strategy? Are you aware of the many benefits visual content offers? There’s more to using images in your marketing plan than simply using or creating pretty pictures as something nice to look at. There are a number of SEO and social media advantages, as well. Here is a quick summary of the kinds of benefits that come along with including visual content into you online marketing strategy: Images help you engage Read more [...]

Get Customers without Spending a Cent on Marketing

Get Customers without Spending a Cent
  Here are a few great ways you can get customers without spending a cent on promoting your business or products: Social media marketing You can create a professional profile on social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter. Social media marketing is excellent to get the word out. Use Facebook and LinkedIn groups to find places where your potential customers post questions and issues. Solve problems in these groups to be seen as an expert. Then when a group member needs your product you'll Read more [...]

What is Working Now in SEO

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This is a great infographic showing what did work then and what is working now in SEO from our friend Neil Patel over at QuickSprout. In it he compares the old SEO mindset vs. today's mindset. In the past, SEO focused was on a single keyword. Today it focuses on long tail keywords (phrases). A whopping 70% of website traffic comes from long tail keyword searches. While SEO uses content marketing. Articles are focused and give the audience answers to questions or challenges they have. Read more [...]