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10 Web Design Trends & Predictions for 2022 & Beyond


Web-Design-Trends2022 will be a big year for web design. For one, the sustained shift to a digital economy means we will see many more sites to add to the existing 1.9+ billion. Similarly, expect a sharp rise in site visits, on average. Unfortunately, this also means more competition. Experts predict that it will take even more effort to get the attention of new users.

One way to get ahead of the competition and appeal to new traffic is to stay on top of web design trends. The good news is you don’t need to break new ground here as Red Web Design has compiled a list of the biggest trends for 2022.

Web Design Trends for 2022

  • Dynamic content: Dynamic content shows visitors information that matters to them based on their personal needs, job roles, and stage in the marketing funnel.
  • Voice search optimization: At least 70% of consumers will use voice search to shop in 2022. In fact, 30% of all searches could be screenless by the end of the year.
  • Accessible web design: Making your website easily accessible for physically challenged users allows you to enter a new market segment with incredible potential.

Check out the Red Website Design guide to learn other top web design trends for 2022. The list is complete with practical examples and pro tips that you can implement right away.

Google’s Page Experience Update 2021: A Quick Guide

Googles-Page-Experience-Update-2021 - infographic.

Googles-Page-Experience-Update-2021 - infographic.

Google’s Page Experience update rollout is finally, as the search giant’s Search Central Twitter account announced on September 3. Surprisingly, there’s not been much buzz about the update. Even the Twitter update only has a few engagements to date.

Nevertheless, this is a major update that SEOs must take seriously as it will have significant consequences down the line. Fortunately, Attrock Digital Marketing has broken down the 2021 updates so that you can implement the requirements with ease.

The following is a summary of the main points;

  • New Core Web Vitals: Google Page Experience has announced three new ranking signals. They are Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), Longest Contentful Paint (LCP), and First Input Delay (FID).
  • Mobile usability update: The 2021 update says that Google will henceforth check if your web pages are functional on mobile devices. A website qualifies as mobile-friendly if it doesn’t have mobile usability errors.
  • HTTS requirements: Google will henceforth also monitor overall HTTP/HTTPS ratios of all websites. If you have more HTTP than HTTPS URLs, you’ll see a warning banner on your site.
  • Intrusive interstitials: From now, Google will consistently check and rate websites based on advertising techniques and punish sites with distracting or interruptive ads.

Check out the Attrock blog to find out what else the Google Page Experience 2021 update covers and what you must do to retain your good rankings and stay out of trouble.


Top SEO Trends in 2019


Top-SEO-Trends-in-2019-700SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the primary tool that allows your website to rank on the first page of Google Search Results. 93% of people’s online experiences begin via a search engine. Therefore, businesses are looking for every technique they can use to outrank the competition and drive traffic to their websites.

SEO includes many different components- from creating quality content to proper link building. Website design, keyword research, and local SEO are also important pillars of any SEO project.

As Google continuously updates its algorithm for ranking websites, businesses are racing to keep up with newly emergent trends that may give them an edge over the competition. This is why SEO trends evolve frequently. Here’s what you can expect to see in SEO  trends in 2019.

A steady shift towards video

As much as text is still dominant in most search engines, more people are shifting towards video content by the day. In fact, it’s predicted that video will attract 75% of all internet traffic by 2020.

For your videos to rank highly in search engines, they’ll need to contain the right content, in the right format, and with the right keywords.

An emphasis on quality Content

High-quality content will also attract more traffic to your website in 2019. The key is to develop content that your target audience will find useful. All the material you produce- from blog posts to white papers- should contain the right keywords and provide insightful information.

There are many more exciting SEO trends that you can expect to see in 2019- including voice search, mobile optimization, and data safety. This infographic provides a full review of all the exciting trends that are coming up. Thanks again to our friends at Web CEO for this helpful infographic.