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IT Outsourcing Trends For 2021

IT-Outsourcing-trends-for-2021- Infographic

IT-Outsourcing-trends-for-2021- Infographic

Owners of small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) may think IT outsourcing is only for big companies. That was true before, but not anymore. The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote working mainstream, even with the COVID Vaccine rolling out,  giving you all the more reason to outsource IT tasks wherever in the country — or maybe even the world. If you think you’re ready for IT outsourcing, here are some 2021 trends to look out for:

1) The shift in outsourcing relations

High demand comes with high competition. With a lot of IT providers to choose from, don’t settle for anything less than a reliable one who understands your company’s processes.

2) Small businesses will outsource more

IT providers are aware that SMBs are willing to outsource but on a limited budget. As a result, pricing is competitive in the industry. You can find IT providers who offer high-quality services at reasonable prices if you look hard enough.

3) The need to enhance cybersecurity

There are risks involved in working from home. Hackers are getting more creative, and companies can only do so much to fight them. That’s why IT providers come to the rescue. They specialize in enterprise-grade security and have the credentials to show for it.

Are you for IT outsourcing? If you want to learn more check out the other two trends in the OnSources infographic, IT Outsourcing Trends For 2021.

Infographic - IT Outsourcing Trends for 2021.

[Infographic] Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Cyber Attack?Cybersecurity has become a vital part of business as ransomware, hacking, phishing, identity theft, and other attacks have become frequent.

Small businesses are often vulnerable to a cyber attack. Many wonder how they can stay safe when they lack the resources of larger companies.

However, proper security protection doesn’t always involve a monetary component. Some of the best steps to company safety are entirely free. For example, a strong password policy and an administration access policy.

Password Policy

Employee passwords should be complex and hard to guess. As well, changing passwords regularly and two-factor identification adds another layer of protection.

Administration Access

Strictly limit access to any administration area. Make it available to the few that must have it. In fact, many security breaches are caused by employees who install infected software without realizing what it is.

Management should control high-level access. And control what can be updated and installed on company hardware. Train approved administrators properly on security issues. If an employee doesn’t need admin access to perform their job duties, they should not have it.

Thank you to HeadwayCapital.com for this infographic.