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How to Identify and Avoid SMS Scams

How to Identify and Avoid SMS Scams infographic header.

How to Identify and Avoid SMS Scams infographic header.

Scams are rampant not just in emails, but also in SMS. They’re getting more complex too, so identifying them now may not be as easy as it has been. For your protection, here are some quick tips on how to identify and avoid SMS scams.

Spam SMS

These are unsolicited messages that contain content that tempts you into clicking. It’s often a notification that you won a prize, or a surprise is being delivered your way. If it’s not familiar, or if it sounds too good to be true, chances are that it’s a scam.

Phishing SMS

These are messages that look like they came from a reputable brand or person, but are actually from scammers. They usually contain a link that asks for confidential information such as account password or bank PIN. You can tell they’re fake because the sender’s email address or the destination link is not verifiable.

SMS Originator Spoofing

These texts carry the name or number of a reputable brand or company. Scammers do this by changing the sender ID into any alphanumeric text. Thus, they can make an ordinary number look official. If you receive a suspicious message from an official-looking sender, it’s best to contact the purported sender and confirm whether they did send the text or not.

Check out the infographic How to Identify and Avoid SMS Scams to learn more.

[Infographic] Mobile App User Engagement

[Infographic] Mobile App User Engagement

[Infographic] Mobile App User Engagement

For both marketers and brands, developing and utilizing your mobile app with engagement numbers in mind can be the key to extracting greater value from the app.

That’s because when you know how the various app types perform (engagement-wise) and form your objectives and marketing tactics in line with industry averages, you’re able to set realistic expectations, thus reducing the chances of disillusionment. Benchmark metrics can also be a source of motivation and inspiration.

Fortunately, Dotcom Infoway (DCI) has done the groundwork for you. In one of their recent posts, they provide a detailed infographic with all the nitty-gritty that you may want to know about the engagement levels on the different mobile app types. The post covers standard mobile apps, push notifications, SMS, and email.

What Stands Out?

The post, in general, is quite an eye-opener. For instance, it turns out that push notifications are among the most effective mobile marketing methods, capable of engaging up to 88% of users.

As long as you’re sending the right messages, you’ll have a lot of fans. The only downside is that not as many people respond to the notifications. Only 40% of users react to the notifications within an hour of receiving one.

Check out the infographic for yourself. You’re guaranteed to learn a few useful things about mobile app marketing.


The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing [Infographic]


The-Beginner's-Guide-to-SMS-Marketing-700Guide to SMS marketing. The number of smartphone users in the world has reached 3.3 billion according to Statista, an online portal for statistics. It’s also expected to grow to 3.8 billion by 2021. That’s almost half of the global population. Given these figures, it’ll be a waste of good opportunity if businesses don’t maximize short message service (SMS) marketing.

Most people who own smartphones use these as their primary device. If you want to catch their attention, sending them text messages is a wise decision.

SMS Marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing, an infographic from messaging software provider Trumpia can help you get started. One section shows a step-by-step process on how to start your own campaign. Of course, the important thing is to get your existing and potential customers to sign up. The law requires marketing programs to be opt-in, so before anyone can be added, they must provide their consent. On the bright side, you can take this chance to come up with enticing deals and exclusive promos that are too hard to say no to. You can also focus on growing your mobile database by promoting the campaign through your email subscriber list, advertising it on social media, etc.

If you’re wondering who else uses SMS marketing, rest assured that you’ll be in the company of various organizations from small local businesses to Fortune 500 conglomerates. People are familiar with SMS marketing, so they’ll welcome your campaign as long as it offers good value. You can even check out the list of the best sms text message marketing tools to learn more.

To learn more about SMS marketing, check out The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing.