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[Infographic] Creative Snapchat Marketing

[Infographic] Creative Snapchat Marketing

[Infographic] Creative Snapchat MarketingIf your brand’s demographics are younger millennials and Gen Zers, then you should know where to find them and how to get their attention. For now, it’s Snapchat, the most popular multimedia messaging app on mobile. Once you’re there, here are a few things you can do:

Post compelling snaps

Snaps have a 24-hour lifespan, so use that fact to your advantage. You can announce flash sales through snaps, or share limited-time-only promo codes. This kind of content will make people check your snaps more often.

Put faces to your brand

Because Snapchat is for lighthearted fun, use the platform to show people how you and your staff let your hair down. You can share snaps of a hot event’s behind the scenes, or of a crazy day at the office. Be more personable — people on Snapchat love that.

Use a geofilter

Want to attract local customers? Then make your snaps specific to a location, which you can do by adding a customized geofilter. You can use this if you have a physical store that needs more foot traffic. Not to worry, though geofilters for business use are affordable and easy to make.

Thanks, Salesforce for this awesome infographic!

Creative Snapchat Marketing: Learn How to Recreate Others' Success Infographic

Successful Creative Snapchat Marketing [Infographic]

Successful Creative Snapchat Marketing-infographic -315

Successful Creative Snapchat Marketing-infographic -315As Snapchat continues to win the hearts of its users, brands have found a new way to reach their audiences.  There are over 10 billion videos viewed each day and over 9,000 sent every second.

However, for these impressive statistics to help you drive your marketing goals, strategic planning and execution followed by cohesive messaging are required. Here are some ways to do this right.

Create compelling Snapchat stories to lure your clients to the store

Create stories that your clients will love. It could be anything from information about your products, new offers to responsible sourcing of raw materials. McDonald’s leads the way in this strategy. Most of the snaps are about its new offering and responsible sourcing.

A while back it ran a campaign for several days on its responsible fish sourcing. The story features real fish farmers and technologies as well as  showing how they take care of the environment.

Make use of the Geofilters

For companies that experience lots of foot traffic, they can engage with their clients in a given location through Geofiltering. Hence, this increases engagement among the members in that location and with the business.

Splint Center, a venue that hosts several events in Kansas City often uses Geofilters to allow attendees communicate amongst themselves and follow the events straight from social media accounts

Thanks SalesForce for putting together this useful infographic on Snapchat!
Successful Creative Snapchat Marketing-infographic