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2019 Social Media Trends


2019-Social-Media-Trends-700Have you ever wondered what’s next for social media? We already have more than half the world’s population on various social media networks, with platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram each boasting more than a billion users. We also already have consumers shopping directly on social media networks and even making orders and paying without leaving their social media platforms. But what’s next? Let’s look at social media trends so far in 2019.

Social Media Today has attempted to answer this question with an infographic, and, without exaggerating, the future looks exciting!

2019 Social Media Trends: Top Highlights

Big Data will drive change in social media just like in other industries. In other words, brands will have to find the right data and uphold data transparency to succeed. To attain the required level of data maturity, businesses will be forced to spend significantly on social and PR budgets. As a result, we could see PR and social media marketing merging.

Another major prediction is the full adoption of AI in social media. We’ve already seen a few brands use chatbots to engage customers and provide selected customer services. Expect more of these bots and several other AI-powered social media. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are other innovative technologies that will find a way into social media.

Check out the infographic from SocialMediaToday.com to learn these and many other predictions and how they may impact your marketing.