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Is your brand on the path to social commerce success?

social commerce success

social commerce success

Social commerce success has come on massively in the last few years. Millions of people purchase items directly from social media posts. For instance, a new report by e-Marketer shows that nearly half of US consumers bought a product on Facebook or Instagram in the past 12 months.

As a result, more businesses are putting more money into social commerce investments. For instance, 83% of US brands already have one or more social shops.

Emplofi.io has gathered valuable statistics and industry insights to help you take greater control of your social commerce campaign to drive greater value.

Stats on Social Commerce Success

  • Only 30% of brands have the tools to optimize social commerce across key social media networks. Even worse, only 26% have the tools to capture the next generation of customers.
  • The two biggest challenges for brands getting into social commerce are inventory and engagement. At least 52% of brands cannot manage/optimize their inventories across social channels, while 47% struggle to convert followers into customers.
  • About 57% believe that better customer service/support is the key to better social commerce outcomes. Meanwhile, 59% believe the solution lies in better visibility across social shops.

Check out the rest of the Emplifi.io report to learn other key challenges for brands rolling out social commerce and how to overcome these challenges.


social commerce success infographic

10 Social Media Trends to Guide Your Online Strategy in 2021


10-social-media-trends-to-guide-your-online-strategy-in-2021_infographicBy now, you’re well aware of social media marketing’s role in achieving your overall marketing goals. Social media gives you a platform to engage your customers. It also opens the doors to new marketers and is an increasingly important platform for providing customer service.

Therefore, as we enter 2021, you should dedicate even more resources to your social media marketing campaigns. One of Orbelo’s recent studies lists a few trends to help you identify the social media marketing areas where you should invest more in 2021.

Strategy Takeaways

1. Videos

We learn from the study that gaming, YouTube videos, and home-based niches are some of the most profitable domains today. Videos, in particular, seem to be performing very well. The study shows that internet video is expected to jump four-fold between 2017 and 2022. If you’ve overlooked this area in the past, you may want to allocate it to a bigger budget in 2021.

2. Niche Platforms

Another key trend is the rapid growth of niche platforms. Think about TikTok, for instance. The platform grew 210% year-over-year in 2019 and currently boasts over 500 million users worldwide. Reddit is another platform that’s doing exceptionally well. You need to invest more in these platforms.

Check out the RED blog to learn other social media trends that may help you make better online marketing decisions in 2021.

Marketing in the Age of Pandemic [Infographic]

Marketing in the Age of Pandemic - infographic.

Marketing in the Age of Pandemic - infographic.

The coronavirus(COVID-19)  has been an unexpected health crisis that has brought significant changes to the daily routines of both people and corporates. Restrictions aimed at flattening the curve have led to a temporary cessation of some businesses leading to reduced production and job loss. Marketing in the Age of Pandemic calls for shifts in strategy.

Companies seeking to continue their operations in the midst of the pandemic need to adopt new strategies in order to remain competitive in the “new normal”. In order to introduce a new product or maintain the relevance of the existing product to consumers, the following are some useful marketing strategies to adapt during the Age of Pandemic.

Increase presence on media platforms

With most people staying at home, there has been a surge in global consumption of media content. Reports show that in the US, the average consumer is spending an upward of 12 hours daily on various media platforms. Those platforms range from TV-linked devices to streaming services. Marketers can take advantage of these platforms and adjust their content to suit these platforms.

Re-examine brand messaging

Regardless of the product or service being marketed, adjust your marketing strategy. Relay a message on how the brand is impacting the community, especially during this Pandemic age. Check out new and creative approaches on how to engage targeted customers and get the messaging out in order for your brand to remain relevant and competitive amid the economic turmoil; good marketing strategies in the Age of Pandemic becomes indispensable.




[Infographic] Why You Should Build a Digital Community



The internet is increasingly playing a big role in the buyer decision process. So it makes sense that businesses — especially small- and- medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) — build a digital community on social media. A smart way to reach their target audience.

Emails and websites are still great marketing tools, but social media is now the top driver for relationship building and brand engagement. In fact, it’s effective twice as much as emails and four times as much as websites.

But aside from that, there are other compelling reasons why building digital communities are necessary, such as:

Brand awareness

With more and more people going online, you can increase awareness for the presence of your brands as well as the needs your businesses can address. It’s a great way to seek out potential customers and stay in touch with existing ones.

Learning opportunity

Making people engage with your brand takes much more than in-your-face marketing. You should offer them something they’ll want, such as a platform where they can communicate with other people who have the same interest in your brand and the niche it’s in.

You can find the rest in Digital Community: Why It Is Important For Small Businesses?, an infographic provided by the team behind DesignMantic. In light of the COVID19 pandemic, connecting with customers online is a more important endeavor than ever before.


10 Influencer Marketing Strategies You Should Know [Gifographic]


10-Influencer-Marketing-Strategies-You-Should-Know-j-01_01Influencers are people who can convince others to buy a product or service because of the number of followers they have.

For an entrepreneur like you, this is great news. You can tap influencers for influencer marketing in order to reach more people. Here’s how:


Let your chosen influencers post on your brand’s social media accounts for a limited period of time, from a day to a couple of weeks. It’s a good way to generate fresh content without doing it yourself and to get more followers by the bulk.

Guest posts

If you’re not ready to let someone else take over your brand’s accounts, you can do the next best thing: Get influencers to write guest posts and publish it on your site. Or you can do it the other way around by writing a guest post on their sites.


Instead of paying influencers, send them freebies of your products or services instead. In return, ask them to make reviews and publish them on their own accounts. This arrangement is called an exchange deal (or ex-deal for short).

These are just a few strategies you can use when partnering with influencers. Other techniques may work better depending on the kind of campaigns you’re running and the goals you’re targeting.

Our hat is off to Grin.co for this gifographic.