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7 Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Social Media Polls

Social Media Polls yellow infographic hero.

Social Media Polls yellow infographic hero.

The benefits of social media polls are obvious. Polls provide a quick and easy way for your audience to tell you exactly how they feel about a particular issue. They also offer free market research and can help with brand positioning. Of course, polls also increase user engagement and can help with lead generation.

Unfortunately, achieving the desired level of poll engagement is a big challenge for most marketers and brands. How do you get as many people as possible to participate in your polls?

Red Web Design Ideas for Social Media Polls

  • Schedule your polls: Polls gain the most engagement when users know about them in advance. So, avoid impromptu polls and instead schedule your polls to mentally prepare prospective participants.
  • Choose trendy topics: Brands that get maximum engagement on social media indulge users in exciting, trendy topics. It doesn’t matter if you want opinions on a typically boring subject; find ways to make it enchanting.
  • Create curiosity: Social media users are most excited by the unknown. They never want to miss the chance to be the first to find out something new. Your job is to leverage this curiosity to drive poll engagement.

Check out the Red Website Design blog to discover other tips to drive social media poll engagement and learn the best social platforms for maximum poll engagement.

Social Media Videos – 10 Things You Have to Know


social-media-videosVideo content on social media sites is gaining popularity, so you may be tempted to dive in right away. But before you do, here’s what you need to know about social media videos on each specific platform.


  • It’s the most used platform for video marketing, attracting around 55% of marketers. A total of 1 billion hours of content are watched by users every day.
  • It’s the best platform to use if you want your videos to appear in search engine results. Popular videos on YouTube rank well in Google.


  • Videos on Facebook have a 6.01% average engagement rate. The platform amasses more than 4 billion views on its videos daily.
  • You can share links to YouTube videos on Facebook, but it’s better to upload videos directly because native content has higher priority.


  • Sponsored videos get thrice as many comments as sponsored photos. Top publishers are leveling up video posts by 90-100%.
  • The platform is ideal for e-commerce stores because it has features for making online selling easier.


  • An average user spends almost an hour a day on the app, and users as a whole view a million videos daily.
  • Vertical videos work better on Tiktok because most of its users access them on their mobile phones.

Learn more here: Social Media Videos – 10 Things You Have to Know.

Social Media Competitor Analysis in 10 Steps [Infographic]

Social Media Competitor Analysis-infographic.

Social Media Competitor Analysis-infographic.

Social media is incredibly competitive. According to HootSuite, 90% of brands use the main social networks to build awareness. The only way to get your voice heard in such a saturated space is to outwit your competition. Let’s look at your social media competitor analysis.

Social media analysis can help with that. A well-executed analysis will tell you how you stack up against your industry competition and reveal new opportunities while uncovering potential threats.

Fortunately, conducting a thorough social media analysis is a straightforward process. The experts at Social Media Today have created a 10-step infographic to help you plan and execute an exhaustive analysis.

How to Perform a Social Media Competitor Analysis

The first step is to identify your top competitors. You don’t need to list all the businesses you’re up against. Instead, identify just five of your top competitors. A competitor is a business that sells the same services or offers the exact services you do.

Ideally, you want to identify competitors;

  • Doing better than you
  • Whose audiences intersect with your targets
  • Competing in the same geographic location as you

Once you’ve identified your competitors, you can proceed to the next step – defining your competitive goals and outlining your KPIs.

Check out the Social Media Today infographic to learn how to set proper goals and to discover the rest of the social media competitive analysis process.


Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2021 [Infographic]

Infographic of Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2021.

Infographic of Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2021.We can all agree 2020 is a crazy ride. But in spite of its unpredictability, experts forecasted the following social media trends for 2021 based on what has been going on this year:

1. Appealing to nostalgia

The pandemic made people clamor for things that feel safe. They wanted to be reminded of simpler times, which is why nostalgia mentions increased by 88% during the lockdown. People will still be reminiscing next year, so you can engage them with nostalgia marketing that evokes memories of the way they were.

2. Taking a stand on global issues

Issues such as climate crisis, public health, and economic development are hot topics this year. People are now more socially conscious than ever. They want to patronize brands that support global issues they care about. To engage your target audience, find out what they stand for, then have something beneficial to say about it.

3. Fighting fake news

As of June 2020, there have been more than a hundred million mentions of fake news. You can do your part in fighting fake news by being the bearer of real news. Sharing timely, relevant, and accurate content will help your target audience and also boost your brand’s authority in the process.

Three down, seven more to go! Check out other predicted social media trends for 2021 in the infographic below from our friends at SocialMediaToday.


What Social Media Platform is Right for your Business?


Social media platforms have been very instrumental in creating brand awareness and growing businesses. With platforms like Facebook and Instagram hosting over 2 billion and 1 million monthly active users, marketers have discovered that they can do more than just being a medium for communication with family and friends overseas. As many businesses continue to create social media accounts every day, it is worth noting that not all platforms will be useful for a specific brand. Let’s look at which social media platform is right for your business.

Social Media Platform Purposes

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn are different. This is due to the fact that they host different kinds of audiences. Pinterest, for instance, has 68 percent of the users being female while the remaining 32 being male. This should ring a bell; if the target audience of a business is the women, then Pinterest should be the place to be. This tells you that it is vital to study the demographics of the users of a social media platform before choosing it to promote a brand.

The type of content that an audience prefers to engage with should also be considered. If a marketer is targeting the millennials, Instagram will make the best pick as they prefer visuals and sharing through the use of hashtags.

One needs to understand the different nature of the various social media platforms to establish which one would be the best for his or her brand. Check out this infographic from  Louisem.com to help you decide which social media platforms are best for your business.