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14 Social Media Posts to Spark Engagement



Social media has grown to be a popular platform that has been embraced by businesses for purposes of marketing as well as brand growth. If used in the right way, social media can cause a domino effect that can enhance brand awareness and boost conversions leading to improved profits of a business. In order to remain competitive, promoting your brand on social media becomes really important. Try out these social media posts to spark engagement.

Talk about your brand

Creating and publishing content onto the news feed is a perfect way of letting potential targets know about available products. Supposing one does not have followers, he or she can join social media groups or start one.

Repost other people’s content

Potential customers may need particular information that a person may not be having. One should never shy from reposting content from other people; this will make his or her newsfeed full of information and will attract followers.

Show your personal side

Giving people a glimpse of one’s personal life or behind the scenes of the company tend to make more followers get a connection with the marketer at a personal level.

Be entertaining

Making jokes, funny stories, memes and sharing humorous clips help in grabbing attention in addition to encouraging followers to always check on the social media user conversations.

Thanks to the folks at SocialMediaToday for this interesting infographic on social media posts to spark engagement. 

How often to post on Social Media [Infographic]


How-often-to-post-on-Social-Media-Infographic-700Businesses have to maintain an active social media presence, or else customers will choose their competitors when searching for services or products. However, it can be difficult for a business to determine how often to post on social media.

How Often Businesses Should Post on Facebook

How often a business posts on Facebook depends mainly on how many followers they have. When they have less than 10,000 followers, they should post a single post per day. When it exceeds more than one post, it gets approximately 60 percent fewer clicks per post. For companies with over 10,000 followers, they should post 1 to 2 times per day.

How Often to Post on Twitter

Businesses have to tweet enough to get noticed. To get the highest response rate, companies have to tweet 2 to 5 times per day.

How Often to Post on Instagram

Businesses should post 1 to 2 posts on Instagram per day. However, companies should publish only high-quality content that has value to the audience.

How Often to Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn advises business owners on how often to post on their network. When businesses post 20 times per month, they can reach 60 percent of their audience.

Equipped with the above information, businesses have everything they need on the number of times they post each day on social media. Thanks to LouiseM.com for this helpful infographic.


Data-Based Insights for Your Facebook Posts [Infographic]

Data Based Insights for Your Facebook Posts-infographic-315

Data Based Insights for Your Facebook Posts-infographic-315People are complicated creatures. Big Data analysis of their behavior on social media platforms makes their habits and tendencies easier to understand. These data-based insights, research by BuzzSumo, reveal several ways that you can alter your engagement on Facebook to improve your outreach.

Write Shorter Posts

In today’s lightning-paced world, it comes as little surprise that posts with 50 words or fewer are the most shared. The digestible snippet is more effective than the lengthy monolog. Furthermore, it’s okay to use a shorter post with a link to drive traffic to a more in-depth article.

Include Video

Even better, add visual content to your words. Multimedia content, especially videos, are shared more frequently than posts with just text. They also revealed the effectiveness of having a social media marketing campaign. Highlighting the idea of engaging with the target audience directly and continuously over time.

Data-Based Insights for Your Facebook Posts

Our thanks to TheDrum.com for this informative infographic.

Social Media Etiquette [Infographic]

social_media_etiquette - 315

social_media_etiquette - 315People prefer engaging with other people whether offline or online. If you’re on social media promoting your business, make your brand relatable, not robotic. Here are some tips on social media etiquette to help.

Start a conversation

Ask questions, solicit feedback, gather suggestions, and encourage comments whenever you post something on your timeline. And once you get input from followers, reply as soon as you can. This exchange of ideas can lead to a longer interaction.

Adopt a familiar tone

Sound like a friend, not a salesperson. Your followers will be put off if they feel like you’re doing “in-your-face” marketing. The best approach is to be subtle by giving people the information they want. Then make a quick mention of your products and services as a side note.

When in doubt, strive for balance. Mix up promotional posts with interesting content and you’re good to go.

Thanks to our friends at clarabridge.com for this informative and interesting infographic on social media etiquette.


Make Waves with Social Media Marketing – Power Tips for Power Marketing

This week is “beach theme” and I share with you five high value posts from across the web that I’ve compiled while riding waves at the beach!


These posts from HubSpot, SocialMouths, Social Media Examiner, and more offer great value and insight for all Social Media marketers and have been hand-picked because of particular value they offer to our community.

Let’s dig in to the Top Recommended Value-Adding Posts:

1. HubSpot Ebook – Ride Epic Waves of Sales

HubSpot offers great content and resources for digital and social media marketers.  They recently release a great Ebook written by my friend Andrea Vahl on Facebook Ads.  


Using Facebook Ads is an important consideration for any social marketer. Placing ads on Facebook provides one of the most targeted advertising opportunities available today. Facebook knows the demographics and interests of more than 1 billion people who are active online.

Learn how you can boost your Facebook marketing through smart advertising.      Access Ebook >



2. How to Ensure Facebook Contests Attract The Right Fish

www_socialmediaexaminer_com_how-to-ensure-your-facebook-contests-attract-genuine-fansThis is a GREAT resource post on top social media blog Social Media Examiner by my friend Emeric Ernoult about Facebook Contests.  Choosing the right type of prize to connect with your ideal target audience is important,  As well, using a app that allows you to monitor and validate entrants and users to ensure the fairness of the contest is a must.  Emeric dispels the myth that using a Facebook app that requires permissions lessens entries and votes.  (Yes, TabSite gives you IP tracking and validates users!)

Read the full post on Social Media Examiner >

3. Facebook Image Optimization, Because Photos Matter!

How will you share with friends and make them envy your beach time without photos?  Just like sharing photos of your trip, images matter to Facebook Marketers!

Images spark more engagement (likes, comments, shares) and this adds to the reach of your posts to friends of fans.  This infographic from PostRocket and blog post by SocialMouths outlines the 4 different types of images (photo posts, cover photos, profile pictures and link preview images) you should consider optimizing for use on Facebook and provides the exact dimensions in order to get best quality possible.

View the full post and share the infographic >>  

4. Tips on Monitoring Your Facebook Page while at the Beach

So you’re at the beach (or out of the office) and you want to keep current on responding to any posts and comments on your Facebook Page.  Can you do it on the go?  ABSOLUTELY!


With meetings, events, vacations, and other out of office times, these tips can help you stay up-to-date on comments and reply back in a timely fashion.  Social Media requires attention and responses as part of a quality experience with your brand.  These services provide ways to monitor and respond!

Monitoring your Facebook Page >>

 5. #Hashtags turn the Tide on Facebook!


Facebook announced recently that Hashtags are launching.  The roll-out has started and users on desktop and notebooks will see hashtags having a link when used in a post.

Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in posts on your personal timeline or your Page, and help people find posts about topics they’re interested in.

Details on #Hashtags for Facebook >>

Hope these resources help you!  Any of them of particular value?  Let us know below!



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