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7 Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Social Media Polls

Social Media Polls yellow infographic hero.

Social Media Polls yellow infographic hero.

The benefits of social media polls are obvious. Polls provide a quick and easy way for your audience to tell you exactly how they feel about a particular issue. They also offer free market research and can help with brand positioning. Of course, polls also increase user engagement and can help with lead generation.

Unfortunately, achieving the desired level of poll engagement is a big challenge for most marketers and brands. How do you get as many people as possible to participate in your polls?

Red Web Design Ideas for Social Media Polls

  • Schedule your polls: Polls gain the most engagement when users know about them in advance. So, avoid impromptu polls and instead schedule your polls to mentally prepare prospective participants.
  • Choose trendy topics: Brands that get maximum engagement on social media indulge users in exciting, trendy topics. It doesn’t matter if you want opinions on a typically boring subject; find ways to make it enchanting.
  • Create curiosity: Social media users are most excited by the unknown. They never want to miss the chance to be the first to find out something new. Your job is to leverage this curiosity to drive poll engagement.

Check out the Red Website Design blog to discover other tips to drive social media poll engagement and learn the best social platforms for maximum poll engagement.

[Infographic] 15 TikTok Tips to Maximize Your Branded Content Efforts

TikTok Tips Infographic.

TikTok Tips Infographic. TikTok has taken the world by storm. It’s predicted to hit a billion users in 2022. Are you ready to take advantage of it for business? If not, here are a few TikTok tips to get you started:

1) Find your target audience

The biggest user range on TikTok is 13-17 as expected, but the next biggest are 18-24 and 35-44. With more than 100 million users in the US alone, you’re going to catch a big part of your market through TikTok ads.

2) Form your persona

Users spend more than 85 minutes on TikTok. It’s just a matter of knowing how to reach them through your brand’s persona. Pick at least one popular category that aligns with your brand’s values.

3) Tell them about yourself

TikTok is about showcasing personality, so go all-in on your brand’s profile. Fill out the bio section with info and links to your other social media accounts. Make posts that give users more information about your brand.

4) Engage with your community

TikTok lives on engagement, more so than other social media platforms. Engagement on Instagram is only 1% compared to TikTok’s 8%. Knowing this, make comments on other videos as your brand, and reply to comments on your own posts.

Check out the other 11 TikTok tips to maximize your branded content efforts in this infographic from Thrive.

6 Ways to Get More Social Media Traffic [Infographic]

6-ways_to-get-more-social-media-traffic- infographic.

6-ways_to-get-more-social-media-traffic- infographic.Getting more social media traffic to your website is critical for your digital marketing goals. For one, it is the ultimate evidence that your social media marketing efforts are paying off. Secondly, it allows you to make actual sales. Once your social fans are coming to your site, chances of conversion are much higher. Finally, social media traffic is vital for SEO. It can help you climb up the search rankings.

6 Quick Tips to Boost Traffic

Red Website Design has identified six quick tips to help you send more social media users to your website. In a nutshell, you need to;

  • Consider pinned posts on social media networks
  • Encourage employees to share content on their social pages
  • Add your website links to social bookmarking sites
  • Turn your social media cover page images into CTAs
  • Add CTAs to every link you share
  • Answer questions on social Q&A sites

All of these are simple tips that don’t cost a dime to implement. But, they are incredibly effective. According to a recent Buffer study, pinned posts alone can boost click-through rates by as much as 20% on Facebook. The numbers are even higher for Twitter, where you can generate up to 10x more traffic from pinned posts. Check out Red’s infographic to learn how to implement each of the tips.




14 Social Media Posts to Spark Engagement



Social media has grown to be a popular platform that has been embraced by businesses for purposes of marketing as well as brand growth. If used in the right way, social media can cause a domino effect that can enhance brand awareness and boost conversions leading to improved profits of a business. In order to remain competitive, promoting your brand on social media becomes really important. Try out these social media posts to spark engagement.

Talk about your brand

Creating and publishing content onto the news feed is a perfect way of letting potential targets know about available products. Supposing one does not have followers, he or she can join social media groups or start one.

Repost other people’s content

Potential customers may need particular information that a person may not be having. One should never shy from reposting content from other people; this will make his or her newsfeed full of information and will attract followers.

Show your personal side

Giving people a glimpse of one’s personal life or behind the scenes of the company tend to make more followers get a connection with the marketer at a personal level.

Be entertaining

Making jokes, funny stories, memes and sharing humorous clips help in grabbing attention in addition to encouraging followers to always check on the social media user conversations.

Thanks to the folks at SocialMediaToday for this interesting infographic on social media posts to spark engagement. 

How often to post on Social Media [Infographic]


How-often-to-post-on-Social-Media-Infographic-700Businesses have to maintain an active social media presence, or else customers will choose their competitors when searching for services or products. However, it can be difficult for a business to determine how often to post on social media.

How Often Businesses Should Post on Facebook

How often a business posts on Facebook depends mainly on how many followers they have. When they have less than 10,000 followers, they should post a single post per day. When it exceeds more than one post, it gets approximately 60 percent fewer clicks per post. For companies with over 10,000 followers, they should post 1 to 2 times per day.

How Often to Post on Twitter

Businesses have to tweet enough to get noticed. To get the highest response rate, companies have to tweet 2 to 5 times per day.

How Often to Post on Instagram

Businesses should post 1 to 2 posts on Instagram per day. However, companies should publish only high-quality content that has value to the audience.

How Often to Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn advises business owners on how often to post on their network. When businesses post 20 times per month, they can reach 60 percent of their audience.

Equipped with the above information, businesses have everything they need on the number of times they post each day on social media. Thanks to LouiseM.com for this helpful infographic.