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Updated Design Layout for Mobile Facebook Tabs


We’ve updated the mobile layout to more closely resemble the Facebook look.  

TabSite users do not need to make any changes, it’s automatically applied.


TabSite offers users the ability to create a Smart, mobile friendly URL per tab so that users on mobile devices can access your Facebook Page tabs.  

This Smart, mobile friendly url, when used in a Timeline posts, tweets, on your website or blog detects the browser as a mobile or PC and then takes the viewer to the correct view, PC or mobile for the tab.  There is no need to design two different tabs, simply use the Smart, mobile friendly URL offered to all users in the TabSite Manager and we do the work of showing the appropriate view for your tab!

Desktop viewers continue to have the same experience of viewing the custom tab on Facebook when they click on the Smart, mobile friendly url.

Since Facebook’s iPhone and Android Apps, as well as their mobile version do not incorporate custom tabs into the Page navigation nor show the custom tab content if a wall feed post containing a standard custom tab url is clicked, then mobile users (which account for over 45% of daily Facebook traffic [and growing] would normally be left out and have a bad user experience (Page not found).

HOWEVER, with TabSite this is not so!  All TabSite users have access per tab and sub-page to generate a mobile friendly Smart url that can be used to direct traffic to the custom tab.



Find out more about TabSite & sign-up for a FREE 14 Day Trial >>  TabSite Plans





Static HTML Facebook Page Tab by TabSite


(Non-Techy Summary:  Facebook to remove all FBML Apps from Pages on December 5, 2012.  This only applies to tabs using FBML.  This DOES NOT impact any TabSite users.  This is simply an update for those not using TabSite to be aware they may want to move to TabSite since we are complaint with current Facebook iframe tab functionality and we offer a Static HTML Faceook Page Tab with our Gold and Platinum Plans).

facebook-fbml.gifIn July of this year, Facebook removed FBML functions so that any FBML code that was being used in the Static FBML Page app would have stopped working at that time. However, the Static FBML Page app is still able to render plain HTML. On December 5th, 2012, Facebook will remove the Static FBML Page app and any Static FBML tabs that were installed on a brand Facebook Page will disappear. 


Here is the detail from the Facebook Developer Blog:



This is just another reminder that Facebook is ending the final remnant of FBML and that all tabs for Facebook Pages going forward are using the iframe functionality.

TabSite is totally compliant with Facebook current and upcoming changes and all TabSite users can rest assured that their tabs will continue to work and remain.  

For non-TabSite users looking for an alternative, TabSite does offer a Static HTML Facebook Page tab tool.  Simply sign-up for a TabSite Plan and use our tools to easily create custom tabs without knowing any html coding.  

TabSite offers design power and promotional tools including contests, deals, sweepstakes, coupons, and more.



Pinterest comes to TabSite



Display your Pinterest Pins or a specific Pinterest Board with TabSite!

Now available in the TabSite Manager!

Easily add your Pinterest user and display the pins you have posted to Pinterest.

Additionally, there is the option to only display the Pins from a specific board. Social sharing tools are integrated to make it easy for users to Like, Share, +1, and Tweet your tab!

As well, fans can follow you on Pinterest right from the tab. The full, resized image is displayed for viewers to see in a organized, elegant layout. Available at the Platinum Level of TabSite.

Using the TabSite Pinterest tab benefits Facebook Page Admins in two ways. (1) Your popular Pins are available to the public and (2) Promoting your tab url helps viewers engage with your Facebook Page while also seeing your Pinterest pins, thereby driving and keeping more traffic tied to your Facebook Page.

Add a Facebook Comments stream so viewers can comment on the tab as well!   Setup takes just a minute!


mike-Pinterest.png   pinterest.png


Get your Pinterest tab today with TabSite Platinum!

Why Pinterest?

Here is why you should consider Pinterest as noted by Social Media Examiner:

Boost your Facebook Page with TabSite Engagement Apps

Engagement Apps are unique, individual, powerful Facebook Page tabs by TabSite with a simple focus:

Build it Fast, and Boost Fan Engagement.

These new TabSite apps are different than the original TabSite Drag N Build Tabs in that you do not add multiple widgets to your tab and move all pieces around where you want as with Drag N Build, but rather with this new suite of tools, Admins simply select the type of Engagement App they want to use, then fill out the form to create their tab content and turn it live!

Engagement Apps are designed to be quick to implement.

Again, simply select your type of Engagement App tab you want to build and have on your Facebook Page, then complete the fields for setup that we provide and publish!

Boost fan interaction with integrated social sharing tools!  Example the new “Share Deal” requires fans to share the deal with their Facebook friends before they get acces to the deal!  

Key Features

  • Social Sharing Tools integrated including: Like, Share, Tweet, Google+, and Pin (Pinterest).
  • Engagement Builders: Apps tools including Coupons, Share Deal, and Group Deal encourage engagement by integrating social interaction.  Group Deal sets a minimum number of users that need to access the deal before it becomes active and is available!
  • Like Gate for fan gating is available at the Gold and Platinum levels.  Simply load your non-fan image to encourage the “Like” to access the information.
  • All Engagement Apps for Platinum Plan users come with a Promotional Tool feature.  This additional benefit allows Admins to more easily drive traffic to their tabs from their website or blog by allowing you to upload an image and grab embed code to add to your blog or site.  This image call-out will link to the Facebook Page Tab.  See further below for a visual of the setup of this feature available to all Platinum users.
Share Control:
Every TabSite Engagement app includes the ability to customize the image and messaging that gets posted to a user’s wall (plus Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest) when they socially share your Tab.
PROMOTIONAL TOOL example: Here’s a embedded call-out using the Promotional Tool feature for Engagement Apps.  This image was added in the Engagement App, code was pasted here. It’s that simple!








Promotional Tool setup area in the Engagement App.  This is where a Admin adds a image to create a website and blog call-out.


NOTES: Engagement Apps do not have sub-pages or work in conjuction with exsiting Drag N Build tabs using sub-pages as they are stand-alone tabs for Facebook Pages. As such, you must add a new tab to access Engagement Apps as we will not give you the Engagement App option if you are creating a new sub-page of a existing tab.

Going forward we are going to continue development on leading edge Engagement App tabs with special, focused tools to boost fan interaction, fan sharing, and driving traffic to fan pages.  

Engagement Apps from TabSite – the powerfully easy way to boost traffic to your Facebook Page!




By Mike Gingerich
Co-founder, Bus. Development Manager
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New Gallery Engagement App from Tabsite

The Gallery App is part of the new Engagement App suite from TabSite for Facebook fan page tabs.  

Engagement apps are fast-setup, single fan page tabs with social boosting tools to help draw visitors in, empower them to share, and boost engagement on your fan page.

The Gallery Engagement App allows you to add a image slideshow with image thumbnail row below each image to a tab on your fan page. Create a full slideshow of images to give viewers a great presentation on your products, services, team, events, and more!  

The slideshow can be set to advance upon click or autoplay based on setting seconds to display between views. Each image can link to a unique url. As with all Engagement Apps, social sharing tools are built in to help fans spread the message via “Liking”, “Sharing”, Tweeting, Pinning and more!

This App is available starting at the Gold Plan level. The Platinum Plan also offers a web/blog call-out feature enabling you to drive traffic from your website or blog to the tab!



  • Large image with scrolling thumbnails of the gallery beneath.  
  • Users click any image to see at full size
  • Ability to add captions per image if desired
  • Social Sharing Tools integrated for users to easily share your images to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Gold and Platinum level offers Like Gate
  • Platinum level also offers a Promotional Tool feature so you can load a image, grab the embed code and paste it on your blog or website.  When clicked on, users will be brought to your custom tab on Facebook!


Simply select the Gallery App within the Engagement App area when you add a new Tab!

View setup guide for Gallery App >



By Mike Gingerich
Co-founder, Bus. Development Manager
 twitter.png facebook.png linkedin.png