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5 Ways to Ignite Agency, Design and Consultancy Business with Facebook Services

facebook agency business revenue growth

facebook agency business revenue growthFinding, securing and sustaining new streams of revenue is key to success for any business. We work with agencies of all kinds, from traditional agencies, PR agencies, digital marketing agencies to agencies rockin’ the social media ecosystem.

The Launch Pad

Products such as TabSite provide a launching pad for agencies to build a platform to maximize lead generation and nurturing, revenue generation and long term success.

Many agencies want to help their clients implement Facebook campaigns, promotions and sweepstakes but find it difficult to learn the tools, technology and most importantly implement a sustainable process for supporting such.

TabSite Simplifies the Process

This is where TabSite comes in and simplifies this model. We build, manage and sustain the platform so you don’t have to. You are then able to focus on providing the highest value to your clients such as integrating social media with their business, helping them build out content architectures, digital platforms, ecommerce portals and more.

TabSite apps empower agencies to offer robust Facebook promotions that help pages boost engagement, add new fans, and increase sales and sign-ups all right on Facebook!

The value is in using an approved service that meets Facebook Promotion Guidelines and that helps turbo charge engagement and business results on fan pages! Additional benefits come in the form of increased efficiencies, reduced risk, new revenue opportunities and more.

With a wide array of tools from contests, email sign-up and deal apps, to features such as the Website ReSizer app that allows for bringing in existing web pages, the efficiency and power is incredible!

Save Time. Earn More.

Since “time is money”, agencies can use TabSite to save time in setup and deployment, as well as in using client’s existing website assets like landing pages and shopping carts!  TabSite makes it easy to bring these into Facebook.  These time savings can result in higher profits for you.

Ignite your Business!

Below are 5 easy ways agencies can tap into the power of TabSite to ignite agency business:

  1. Manage Facebook Pages: Launch a new service focused on building, designing and managing Facebook tabs for clients.
  2. Increase Design Services: Design services for Facebook pages for small, medium and even large business. For example you could offer design services for stand-alone Facebook pages or even include in a broader offer including design services for other social network profile customization, blogs and websites.
  3. Add Content Marketing Services: Help clients develop content plans, architectures and detailed content to be used in Facebook marketing programs, campaigns and promotions.
  4. Offer Campaign and Promotional Marketing Services: Provide marketing and campaign/promotional services to help clients setup, design and manage promotions, sweepstakes and contests.
  5. Join the TabSite Agency or the Partner / Reseller Program: Earn Monthly revenue generation from the TabSite agency subscription or the lesser reseller / partner program.  You can sign up for and learn more about the Enterprise Agency Program here:  www.TabSite.com/ Enterprise.

For Agencies:  Complete white label platform (manager and apps), $299/month for unlimited Facebook Pages and 50 Tab Apps.  View details >>

For Resellers/partners, a program with 20% discount, recurring commissions –> Partner Program Details.

Learn about TabSite Apps for running contests, deals, and more ->>>> TabSite Apps

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