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TikTok’s 2021 Holiday Guide [Infographic]

TikTok's 2021 Holiday Guide.

TikTok's 2021 Holiday Guide.

With about 1 billion users each month, TikTok is undeniably a social media giant not only for users (aka TikTokers) but also for businesses. Around 84% of TikTokers plan to shop at online retailers and brand websites and 2 out of 3 TikTokers plan to spend more than $200 on gifts! As many as 77% of TikTokers said they bought a product they saw on TikTok. Around 39% said they discovered on TikTok a few brands they had never heard of before. Your business is missing out if you haven’t been advertising on the platform.

But it’s better late than never to start on TikTok especially with the holiday season just around the corner. In fact, you may just be in time because TikTok released their 2021 Holiday Guide for businesses. This guide covers important dates, usage statistics, and an overview calendar to help you start planning.

The TikTok’s Holiday Guide Opportunities

TikTok users are already thinking about gifts for the coming holiday season. 57% begin to start searching for gifts from June to October, while 62% of those are likely to shop for this holiday season at least two months in advance!

Key holidays

Nov 19 marks the start of the holiday shopping season, with special attention to Nov 26 (Black Friday) and Nov 29 (Cyber Monday). It’s the time when people are ready to spend, so it’s best that your business is on TikTokers’ radar.

Niche holidays

Holidays such as Oct 31 (Halloween) and Diwali (Nov 4) may not be associated with shopping, but you can produce marketing content for your business that’s related to such holidays to stand out.

It’s a good idea to go through the rest of TikTok’s Holiday Guide for 2021 and start planning as now.

TikTok's 2021 Holiday Guide infographic

[Infographic] 15 TikTok Tips to Maximize Your Branded Content Efforts

TikTok Tips Infographic.

TikTok Tips Infographic. TikTok has taken the world by storm. It’s predicted to hit a billion users in 2022. Are you ready to take advantage of it for business? If not, here are a few TikTok tips to get you started:

1) Find your target audience

The biggest user range on TikTok is 13-17 as expected, but the next biggest are 18-24 and 35-44. With more than 100 million users in the US alone, you’re going to catch a big part of your market through TikTok ads.

2) Form your persona

Users spend more than 85 minutes on TikTok. It’s just a matter of knowing how to reach them through your brand’s persona. Pick at least one popular category that aligns with your brand’s values.

3) Tell them about yourself

TikTok is about showcasing personality, so go all-in on your brand’s profile. Fill out the bio section with info and links to your other social media accounts. Make posts that give users more information about your brand.

4) Engage with your community

TikTok lives on engagement, more so than other social media platforms. Engagement on Instagram is only 1% compared to TikTok’s 8%. Knowing this, make comments on other videos as your brand, and reply to comments on your own posts.

Check out the other 11 TikTok tips to maximize your branded content efforts in this infographic from Thrive.