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15 Common SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2021 & Beyond [infographic]


SEO still matters in 2021, but the rules of the game have changed. You may be falling behind the competition if you’re still making the following common SEO mistakes.

Stuffing with keywords

When SEO was new, content with high keyword density got high rankings in search results. But now, major search engines use algorithms that detect keyword stuffing and penalize sites accordingly. Offer content that’s relevant to your target audience, and not to search robots.

Focusing only on on-site SEO

Your site’s SEO may be excellent, but what about your content’s SEO in other websites? Providing SEO-optimized content should be part of your off-site strategies. It’s not just the backlinks that matter. Your content on other sites can still rank in search engines when done right.

Failing to update consistently

Even the most viral content won’t stay at the top of search results forever. If you want your site to get a high ranking and keep it, make sure to provide high-quality and relevant content on a regular schedule for the best SEO results.

Check out 11 more common SEO mistakes you must avoid in the infographic from Red Website Design.

Best Practices for Anchor Text Optimization [Infographic]

Best Practices for Anchor Text Optimization [Infographic]-700

Best Practices for Anchor Text Optimization [Infographic]-700

An effective link building campaign should be a key priority for every digital marketer. If you can establish and execute a great link campaign, you’re guaranteed not only a better ranking on search engines (especially Google) but also greater visibility. The result? More traffic and leads. Let’s learn about anchor text optimization.

However, your anchor texts must be spot-on for your link building efforts to yield any fruit. You must select the right words, keeping in mind popular search phrases on search engines. Moreover, you need to vary your anchor texts for the best outcome.

Anchor Text Tips

In one of their most popular posts to date, Page Traffic summarizes essential anchor text optimization tips in an easy-to-comprehend infographic.

The post discusses the main types of anchor texts, what makes them great, and the downsides (where applicable). You’ll also learn how to use every kind of anchor text for the highest impact.

For instance, Zero/Basic anchor texts, also known as generic or unoptimized anchor texts, add zero SEO value to your content. Yet, they are very common, perhaps even the most popular for press releases and profile links. Meanwhile, long-tail anchor texts are often overlooked but are some of the most effective at reaching specific consumer segments.

Check out the Page Traffic post to find out what you need to adjust in your link building campaign.

Top SEO Trends in 2019


Top-SEO-Trends-in-2019-700SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the primary tool that allows your website to rank on the first page of Google Search Results. 93% of people’s online experiences begin via a search engine. Therefore, businesses are looking for every technique they can use to outrank the competition and drive traffic to their websites.

SEO includes many different components- from creating quality content to proper link building. Website design, keyword research, and local SEO are also important pillars of any SEO project.

As Google continuously updates its algorithm for ranking websites, businesses are racing to keep up with newly emergent trends that may give them an edge over the competition. This is why SEO trends evolve frequently. Here’s what you can expect to see in SEO  trends in 2019.

A steady shift towards video

As much as text is still dominant in most search engines, more people are shifting towards video content by the day. In fact, it’s predicted that video will attract 75% of all internet traffic by 2020.

For your videos to rank highly in search engines, they’ll need to contain the right content, in the right format, and with the right keywords.

An emphasis on quality Content

High-quality content will also attract more traffic to your website in 2019. The key is to develop content that your target audience will find useful. All the material you produce- from blog posts to white papers- should contain the right keywords and provide insightful information.

There are many more exciting SEO trends that you can expect to see in 2019- including voice search, mobile optimization, and data safety. This infographic provides a full review of all the exciting trends that are coming up. Thanks again to our friends at Web CEO for this helpful infographic.

SEO Trends for Ranking Factors


SEO-Trends-for-Ranking-Factors-700SEO is constantly changing. From the days when keyword stuffing was legal and, duplicate content encouraged, we’ve now moved to an age where user experience rules and things like unnatural links and spam comments will get you suspended and, possibly, even permanently banned from Google. Here are SEO trends that affect your website ranking.

Why SEO?

This shift means every online marketer must change too. If you want to be successful, focus on your customers. Think about the problems they face and the best possible solutions to these challenges. Consider their locations and how their specific problems can be solved in those locations. Think about their demographics and solutions that would best suit each demographic.

A college student, for example, will want a different type of shoes than older, retired seniors. Today’s SEO is about fully understanding these differences and optimizing your online presence to help each consumer find answers to their problems quickly and with the least effort.

If your target consumer prefers mobile (and, most of today’s consumers do), spend more time making your mobile experience flawless. If they prefer watching videos, prepare and share with them the best videos of your brand and products.

The infographic below summarizes these and many other SEO trends to help you optimize your content and marketing messages for maximum reach and engagement.

Thanks to our friends at Business2Community for this informative infographic.

How to Use the Cloud to Improve SEO and Social

How to Use the Cloud to Improve SEO and Social-315


How to Use the Cloud to Improve SEO and Social-315For businesses online it’s crucial to focus on SEO to build and maintain market presence. There are many methods to improve SEO including cloud hosting.

The cloud also can provide a flexible infrastructure which can operate at scale. This kind of capability can help you make your product social.

Here are some ways in which cloud hosting can improve SEO and social.

Increasing Up Time

Each time your website goes down, search engines reduce the authority rating for your website. This reduction causes the page-ranking for all related keywords to go down. Downtime also reduces SEO strategy effectiveness. Very high uptime is a significant advantage when using cloud-based hosting providers. The uptime gives your SEO strategy the maximum opportunity for success.

Increased Loading Speed

One key factor influencing site rank is its user experience rating. This rating indicates the quality of the past user experience with the site. A site with a higher rating will have a higher search ranking, everything else being equal.

Cloud based hosting providers are better able to guarantee low loading times due to better infrastructure, better provisioning, and more experienced IT staff. By achieving low loading times, you can achieve UX ratings and page ranks that are consistently high.

Better Support for Local Hosting

Search engines give higher priority to servers that are locally hosted when calculating page rank. If a user is searching for lawn movers in France, seller websites with an a.fr extension, get a higher listing compared with sites having a .uk extension.

Before cloud computing gained prominence, companies set up separate sites to cater to users from different locations. With services from cloud-based providers, this is taken care of automatically. Cloud hosting lends itself naturally to enabling multi-geo sites.

Protection from Bots

Bots such as link spammer bots insert malicious links automatically, often in areas designated for comments and in discussion forums. Anytime search engines find these links; they reduce both authority and trust ratings for the site. Page rank goes down. Many tools are used by cloud hosting providers to shield your site from bot attacks. These tools help avoid rank hits due to bot attacks.

Use of Sophisticated Tools for SEO

Cloud hosts provide several advanced tools which can help with SEO strategy. For instance, user activity logs are provided in a format that’s suitable for easy analysis. These logs enable critical analysis input when you are trying to analyze how well your SEO strategy is doing.

If for instance,  a mobile phone service provider in NYC wants to analyze data on the initial web pages visited by users when entering from Google via a particular search string. The tools provided by Cloud hosts can help you access such data for analysis.

Better Ability to Serve Mobile

A web page sent to a smartphone browser is very different from one sent to a desktop browser. Cloud hosts provide advanced analytics as to how site pages are performing on smartphones. Reports can indicate which browser is passing through the highest number of prospects on iPhones. This data can be useful to customizing your strategy for mobile SEO.

Enabling Scalable Infrastructure

The key ingredients to making a product social is a platform which can handle social style discussions, posts, global usage, likes, shares and personal pages. What social platforms require is a data heavy backend which can handle immense loads 24×7. Cloud technology supports extremely large scale data delivered efficiently over the internet. If you’re building your product on a cloud technology backend, you have the advantage of being able to work with large amounts of data in an efficient way. This is perfect for promoting your product.

On example of moving to the cloud is to move your phone system from the traditional landlines to a VOIP cloud-based phone service.

Availability of High-End Technology Components

Social platforms require development in high-end technology components which have to integrate with minimal errors. The cloud is a perfect fit for this purpose. The components that make up the cloud are designed to be tightly and elegantly integrated to deliver seamless performance. This is a big leg up when designing the social components of your product.

Network Ready Technology

Cloud technology is built from the ground up for the Internet. This includes:

  • Packaging and encrypting data in an efficient manner for network transmission.
  • Optimizing the interfacing of the backend layers with the network facing layers.
  • Provisioning infrastructure in a manner that multiple fail safes exist to guarantee the product or service is available virtually 24×7 from anywhere in the globe.

All of these elements are essential to building a social platform. Social platforms must have reliable availability of the service over the network.

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