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Social Media Content Calendar [Infographic]

Social Media Content Calendar Infographic

Social Media Content Calendar Infographic

Given the ever-increasing flow of new ideas, content, and news, it may be easy to be caught up in the daily management of various social media accounts. Coming up with a social media content calendar may seem like a big task at first. However, it proves to be valuable for time in the future.

Some of the benefits of creating a social media content calendar include:

  • They help one to have a consistent posting schedule. Reducing the worry and stress of figuring out what to post next.
  • By planning social media posts ahead of time, it means that one is able to countercheck her posts before publishing them. Editing texts, vetting content, and fact-checking information become easier when one has a social media content calendar.
  • They give one an overview of the kind of content that needs to get published, what’s upcoming, and the strategy that leads to the content being published at a specific date and time.
  • They allow one to strategically observe some of the global moments that are relevant to his brand’s audience.
  • Whenever there are other marketing works that need to be done, knowing that there’s a schedule for posting social media content frees up ample time and energy for other tasks.

The above benefits will provide peace of mind. And help capture more potential clients as one’s social media content become more relevant to a wider audience. Thanks to our friends at Mobile Monkey for this helpful infographic.

Social Media Content Calendar Infographic

Content Marketing 101 Explained with Kittens [Infographic]

Content Marketing 101 explained with Kittens [Infographic] - 315

Content Marketing 101 explained with Kittens [Infographic] - 315

You’ve probably heard the term “content marketing”,  but do you know what it is and why it’s an important part of your marketing plan? Content marketing 101 is explained in this informative and entertaining infographic from our friends at Mark Armstrong Illustration.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content that will ultimately drive profitable customer action.”

Content Marketing 101

Know Your Audience:

Before you can deliver a marketing message effectively, you need to know your audience and put yourself in the reader’s place. Think about their situation and address their issues through your content. Ask yourself:

  • Who is my reader?
  • What are their key business issues?
  •  Do you have a solution to relieve their “pain points?

Create Good Content:

Create content that your reader will value and captures their attention. In turn, this kind of content may offer a solution to a problem that your audience is having. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and easy to read.

  • Start with a title that will capture attention
  • Provide solutions
  • Write short, concise content
  • Include a call to action
  • Add visuals and videos

content marketing 101 explained with kittens