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The Benefits of Video for SEO [Infographic]

benefits of video
This year, using video for online marketing is taking the spotlight for several good reasons. Consumer reach Around 69% of people online prefer to learn about products or services through watching a quick video instead of reading blocks of text. Also, 76% would share a video on their social media networks even if it's branded as long as they find it entertaining enough. This makes the viral effect possible. Conversion As many as 93% of businesses that use videos as part of their campaigns Read more [...]

How to Use the Cloud to Improve SEO and Social

How to Use the Cloud to Improve SEO and Social-315
  For businesses online it's crucial to focus on SEO to build and maintain market presence. There are many methods to improve SEO including cloud hosting. The cloud also can provide a flexible infrastructure which can operate at scale. This kind of capability can help you make your product social. Here are some ways in which cloud hosting can improve SEO and social. Increasing Up Time Each time your website goes down, search engines reduce the authority rating for your website. This Read more [...]