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Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know


Video-Marketing-Statistics-You-Need-to-Know-700The importance of video marketing cannot be overstated. For a few years now, videos have been one of the best forms of marketing content. Indeed, Cisco Systems predicts that videos will make up 82% of consumer internet traffic in the US by 2022.

Omnicore recently conducted a study to establish the importance of video in marketing. The findings were truly revealing.

Video Marketing Statistics

First off, 87% of brands used a marketing video in 2019, compared to 81% in 2018 and 63% in 2017. It means that video is now ahead of infographics, case studies, photos, podcasts, and mobile apps, to name just a few. Only social media posts (96%) are more popular among marketers.

The study also found that more than 85% of Americans watch at least one video online every day. On the most popular video platform, YouTube, 2 out of every 3 users visit the site to watch a video weekly.

The impressive video marketing statistics don’t end there;

  • More than 75% of respondents say videos have convinced them to download a resource or make a purchase in the past
  • At least 68% have lauded video as the single most-desirable way to learn about new products and offers

Spare a few minutes to check out the rest of the findings to discover how you can use video to improve your marketing. Big thanks to our friends at Omnicore Agency for this informative infographic.

How Much Does a Video Cost?



Video isn’t a luxury anymore; for online businesses, video is a necessity, and well worth both the investment and the time and effort to do well. The numbers just don’t lie: consumers love videos and use videos to influence purchasing decisions.

Why Video Matters

  • Nothing drives web traffic like video. According to a study by Cisco, video accounts for 80 percent of consumer web traffic. Consumers seek out video content.
  • Video drives sales. Up to 90% of consumers use video to help make purchasing decisions. Videos are also great for helping consumers remember your message; viewers retain 95% of a message when it’s in a video, compared to 10% when they read it in text.

How much does video cost?

  • That depends on a number of factors, including the quality of your equipment and the size of your video crew.
  • On the low end, getting the equipment needed to shoot a professional looking video will cost around $1,300.
  • If you want to splurge on the best possible equipment, that might run upwards of $10,000.
  • You might also consider outsourcing video production, in which case you will want to know the daily rate of the video producer you’re planning to hire.

But if you’re not looking for professional video production, there are plenty of cheaper ways to create video content to attract viewers and/or potential customers. There is video software like Lumen5 and Wave.Video that you can use to create content with video shot from a phone or a less expensive camera.

Video production is the present and future of consumer engagement. Here’s more info about the video production process, from initial budgeting to the final cut.

Thanks to Make a Video Hub for this insightful infographic.

[Infographic] 31 Must Know Video Marketing Stats


[Infographic]-31-Must-Know-Video-Marketing-Stats-315Video marketing, if used properly, has the potential to turn around any digital marketing campaign. The following are stats to show just how powerful the strategy is:

Who uses video?

Up to 86% of colleges, 87% of digital marketers, and 96% of B2B organizations use video. Additionally, 22% of U.S. SMBs plan to post a video and 65% plan to increase their video marketing budgets in the next 12 months.

User interaction stats

The average internet user is exposed to 32.3 videos on average every month. In total, 33.33% of online time is spent watching videos with 92% of viewers sharing videos they like. Regarding B2B, 75% of executives watch at least one work-related video per week.

What about video ads?

75% of video viewers interact with video ads every month and 36% of these users trust the ads. Also, 80% can recall ads they viewed 30 days ago, and 90% say product videos help them make critical decisions. In total, video ads make up 35% of online spending.

Other key stats

  • Watching videos increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.
  • Videos in emails increase click-through rate by 200-300%. On landing pages, they increase conversion by 80%
  • After viewing a video, 50% of executives look for more information. 65% usually visit the marketer’s website while 39% call the marketer.

Our thanks go out to Hyperfinemedia.co.uk for these video marketing stats.