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Video as a Marketing Promotion Tool

Did you know that video is the fastest-growing digital content category?  Social Media Expert Mari Smith claims 2013 as “The Year of the Video” and she hosted a webinar in January with over 8500 registants who wanted to learn more about how video marketing can work in this social media age.

Soon with TabSite businesses will be able to create promotional videos and publish to their Facebook Page with ease!

Watch for the release of this new video tool. [UPDATE: Now Live!]

Here’s a sneak peak of sample videos created with the new TabSite tool….

Users will be able to customize their own company, product, event, and promotional videos by adding image slides and a transition image, then selecting a background, transition, and soundtrack.  The result is a powerful video published to the Page News for easy fan viewing on mobile or web devices.

Another Video example using the coming TabSite video tool:

Want to learn more about video marketing?  As a follow-up to the webinar, Mari Smith is offering a online “Video Success Secrets” Training Course on how to use video marketing with social media to add rocket fuel to your business!

The course will be taught LIVE on February 12th and 14th, and comprises two webinars + a private discussion group + all recordings and transcripts + bonuses! All for only $99 (or two payments of $50!) 

Learn more about this Mari Smith Training Course by clicking below:

Mari Smith Video Training Course


Again, see the release of our video tool and consider checking out the Mari Smith course on video marketing! 

The new TabSite video tool will be a powerful way to help Pages promote their contests, deals, and coupon offers!  Stay tuned.

To learn more about TabSite Contests and Promotion Apps, click below:



Video App – Brand VidMaker Launched by TabSite

Brand VidMaker by TabSite allows users to easily create customized promotional videos for company Facebook pages!


 The Brand VidMaker app within TabSite is available to try with any paid subscription plan.  Platinum subscription users of TabSite have complete control over branding, logos, and transitions.

Each video will be made up of select image slides loaded by the Page Admin and converted to video that is published to a brand Facebook page.  Video creators add a title and description, followed by adding the company logo (which will be the transition between each main image). There are multiple video background options, slide transitions, and a number of select music soundtracks to choose from to further customize the video. Up to 8 product/service/marketing slide images can be used in the video.

Once ready, the video can be pushed to the brand Facebook Page news feed. Facebook also provides embed code so that users can use the video on a website or blog. Admins can select to also publish the video or multiple videos to a TabSite managed tab on the company Facebook page as well.  

LIVE Brand VidMaker EXAMPLE:


  • Create a Company Overview Video
  • New Product Video
  • Quick Product Setup Demo
  • Outline a overview of Company Services
  • Special Event Promotion
  • Introduce your staff / team members
  • Drive Traffic to a Facebook Page Contest Promotion 

Brand VidMaker video app allows users to easily create  customized videos for Facebook pages!  With mobile use gaining major traction and speeds of 4G and wireless allowing for more streaming, video is worth using


  1. Add the Title and Description as you want it to appear in a Facebook Post.  URLs are OK to include.
  2. Add your Logo or transition slide.  This appears between each video.
  3. Select background, music, and transition style from options offered
  4. Add your Images or Text Slides – Upload images or create text slides.  Up to 8 images can be added.
  5. Preview the slides sequence.
  6. Generate Video – The selections will be compiled into a video.  TabSite alerts you via a Facebook Notification when the video is ready for viewing. 
  7. Publish Video – After review, a video can then be published to the page news feed and also to a custom tab if desired.

“We recognize that a valuable way to increase engagement is through customized brand experiences to reach fans where they are, on mobile devices in the news feed, and our mission is to build and launch socially engaging tools accomplish this,” said TabSite co-Founder, Troy Rumfelt. “We will continue to roll out new features that leverage market trends and shifts in consumer behavior.”

As one of the early developers of social marketing tools for Facebook, TabSite empowers businesses with the latest tools and technologies.  With TabSite, there are no fan limits. Businesses of all sizes have access to a comprehensive suite of solutions, from complete design control and fully integrated social sharing to engagement apps and custom language tools.

 Brand VidMaker to create Facebook videos is available for use at any paying level.  Full customization with no TabSite branding is available at the Platinum Plan level.


Access Brand VidMaker in TabSite to create Facebook Videos

The Brand VidMaker is available to all paying (and Trial of paying plan) TabSite users in the left menu of the TabSite Manager. 


SIGN-UP at  Go Platinum >

About TabSite

Founded in 2010, TabSite was established to meet the growing demands of digital marketers seeking to leverage Facebook. The TabSite’s suite of customizeable tab solutions and social engagement apps inspire fan participation, drive traffic and increase business exposure among thousands of businesses, agencies and partner affiliates worldwide.  



Maximizing Engagement with Facebook Page Promotions and Contests



Ready to dive into running a contest or promotion on your Facebook Page to boost engagement, reach, and activity? 

Wanting to run a contest, a sweepstakes, or a deal but not sure which one is best for your company and your goals? 


TabSite co-founder Mike Gingerich hosted a crowd online for an informative webinar that empowered attendees to maximize their organization’s social media marketing!  This video replay will equip social marketers with the knowledge about choosing and running great promotions and contests on Facebook Page.

Included in the slides and video are action points for:

  • Types of Promotions companies can run on their Facebook Page 
  • Tips on selecting a Promo type for your Page 
  • Tools and Tips for Boosting Engagement on Facebook Pages 
  • Methods to give mobile users access to your promotions  
  • Ways to build your following on Pinterest and Instagram Best Practices for each Type of Facebook Contest








Getting Started with TabSite and Facebook Timeline Webinar



Here is information discussed during our March 14 Webinar:


VideoShow Now has Auto-Scroll of Videos

TabSite is pleased to announce a new addition to the VideoShow widget enabling users to set the videos in the show to auto-scroll to grab users attention and to quickly showcase all videos available for viewing.

VideoShow_icon.pngThe VideoShow widget has always allowed Silver and Gold Plan TabSite users the capability to setup a series of YouTube videos that users can scroll through to see a description of, then select and play in-line on the fan page.  Now with the new enhancement, fan page Admins using TabSite can setup the VideoShow videos to auto-scroll at a set interval across the page. 

This feature helps grab the attention of the visitor and enables them to quickly see there are multiple video options.  The arrow functions to go left and right are still active for the user, enabling them to have power to review the videos of their choice while the auto-scroll draws them in and quickly shows them the videos available for viewing.

A key benefit of the VideoShow widget for your fan page is the ability to pick specific videos to add to the list rather than showing your full YouTube Channel.  Each can have a unique description customized you the Page Admin or use the YouTube description with one-click import.

Now with auto-scroll, the VideoShow widget has even more customization power to enable you to showcase your best videos!

See it live on our fan page!



VideoShow is available at the Silver and Gold TabSite Plan levels.