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Website Hacks to Increase Conversions and ROI [Infographic]


Website-Hacks-to-Increase-Conversions-and-ROI-700Imagine you have a store in a trendy part of town with high foot traffic. Hundreds of people walk through your doors each day to browse the merchandise. However, lots of shoppers don’t necessarily mean a lot of spending. If the store features poor customer service, a limited selection or a confusing layout, it won’t matter how many guests you attract.

The same principle applies to your website. Digital marketers and web-based businesses need to understand that the true measure of success isn’t the number of visitors you get — it’s how many of those visitors convert into paying customers. Here are a few website hacks to increase conversions.

Increase conversions on your website

There are many reasons why a website may get a high number of clicks but relatively few conversions. It may be difficult to navigate, too passive in its language or visually unappealing. Although your site may be suffering from one or more of these issues, there are several steps you can take to boost your ROI.

For instance, implementing a live chat feature can offer visitors the promise of human interaction. This may make them feel more comfortable with your site. It’s also important to remember that your landing pages should be clean and uncluttered to provide guests with a clear path of action. Redundant links or navigation bars serve only to confuse them and make it harder to get their shopping carts to the finish line.

Building a successful website means more than simply boosting its search engine ranking. Getting people to visit your site is only half the battle. For more tips and website hacks to increase conversions, see the accompanying guide.

Thanks to the folks at HelponClick for this eye-opening infographic.


[Infographic] How to Optimize your Site for Conversions


[Infographic]-How-to-Optimize-your-Site-for-Conversions-315All marketing efforts lead to one thing: conversion. So even if your website generates a lot of traffic but still doesn’t get many leads, then it’s considered a failure.

So how do you turn it into a success? Some of these tips to optimize your site can help:

Speed up page loading

A delay as short as one second can cause a drop of 7% in conversion. Thus, remove the bells and whistles and go for a clean, crisp page that loads fast on desktops, laptops, and especially mobile devices.

Simplify site navigation

Nobody wants to find their way around a complicated site. Keep things straightforward by following a breadcrumb style of navigation. Make it easy for visitors to go back and forth across your site’s pages, and they’ll stay long enough to be converted.

Add live chat

People want instant answers to their inquiries, so responding via email or a callback doesn’t cut it anymore. A live chat works better in this regard. It works so well that for financial software company Intuit.com., it increased conversions by 20% and sales by a whopping 211%.

Make shipping free

No matter how small a shipping fee is, it’s still not as appealing as free shipping. If it’s not feasible to offer free shipping on any purchase, you can set a required minimum purchase.

Thanks to our friends at Websitebuilder.org for this informative and useful infographic to optimize your site for conversion.