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[Infographic] How to Optimize your Site for Conversions


[Infographic]-How-to-Optimize-your-Site-for-Conversions-315All marketing efforts lead to one thing: conversion. So even if your website generates a lot of traffic but still doesn’t get many leads, then it’s considered a failure.

So how do you turn it into a success? Some of these tips to optimize your site can help:

Speed up page loading

A delay as short as one second can cause a drop of 7% in conversion. Thus, remove the bells and whistles and go for a clean, crisp page that loads fast on desktops, laptops, and especially mobile devices.

Simplify site navigation

Nobody wants to find their way around a complicated site. Keep things straightforward by following a breadcrumb style of navigation. Make it easy for visitors to go back and forth across your site’s pages, and they’ll stay long enough to be converted.

Add live chat

People want instant answers to their inquiries, so responding via email or a callback doesn’t cut it anymore. A live chat works better in this regard. It works so well that for financial software company Intuit.com., it increased conversions by 20% and sales by a whopping 211%.

Make shipping free

No matter how small a shipping fee is, it’s still not as appealing as free shipping. If it’s not feasible to offer free shipping on any purchase, you can set a required minimum purchase.

Thanks to our friends at Websitebuilder.org for this informative and useful infographic to optimize your site for conversion.









12 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have [Infographic]

12 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have [Infographic]

12 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have [Infographic]

For this informative infographic on critical website homepage elements, our thanks go out to Hubspot.

Building a website that can convert and keep visitors interested is essential in today’s fast-paced world. These elements are necessary to get the most out of a site’s homepage.

Headlines Matter

To draw the most visitors a website needs to have catchy headlines that will both pique potential visitors’ interest, as well as rank well on search engines for certain keywords.

Engaging Content

Keeping people on a page involves giving them content that provides value to them, while at the same time keeping them interested and/or entertained. Quality content can also lead to a greater number of social media shares, further boosting a site’s reach.

Calls to Action

A call to action early in the content can give those immediately interested in what a site has to offer a way to convert quickly, while CTAs towards the end can convert traffic that might normally exit the page.

12 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have

What is Working Now in SEO

seo-then-vs-now 1

seo-then-vs-now 1

This is a great infographic showing what did work then and what is working now in SEO from our friend Neil Patel over at QuickSprout.

In it he compares the old SEO mindset vs. today’s mindset.

In the past, SEO focused was on a single keyword. Today it focuses on long tail keywords (phrases). A whopping 70% of website traffic comes from long tail keyword searches.

While SEO uses content marketing. Articles are focused and give the audience answers to questions or challenges they have. The articles are seen as very valuable to readers.

Most companies are now using content marketing as their primary SEO strategy.

Quality backlinks from high ranking websites are the goal now. Influencers and guest posting is a great way to add backlinks. Creating lasting relationships are the ways to get guest posting and blogging opportunities.

Check out the case studies on the graphic for what not to do to get traffic to your blog/website.