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5 Common WordPress Security Issues [Infographic]


5-Common-WordPress-Security-Issues-[Infographic]Don’t let your WordPress site turn into a security risk that puts your information in the hands of data pirates. While there are more risks than just these four, preparing for them will drastically reduce the risk of a security breach.

1. Login Credentials

Selecting a screen name and password that is memorable but not weak, repeated elsewhere, or potentially compromised is a major security issue for WordPress and any other digital system. Hackers may also attempt to brute force the combination, so include a captcha and limits on login attempts.

2. Server Query Language (SQL) Injection

When users are allowed to input information to WordPress, they may be able to use that as a portal for SQL commands that control the site’s database. This is an older method that can be prevented with proper coding.

3. Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

XSS is the other classic website hacking method. Sometimes, the site will run a file or access data from another source. If the attacker can modify the file before it reaches the system that requested it, malicious code may be treated as trustworthy.

4. Failure to Update WordPress and Plugins

New, targeted vulnerabilities are always being discovered and fixed. There is no guarantee that any computer system is completely safe, but one that isn’t fully updated with patches is at more of a risk.

Check out this infographic below. from iThemes for more information relating to WordPress Security Issues.   For more resources, please see this article on WordPress  Security  Plugins.