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30 Proven Ideas To Increase Ecommerce Conversions [Infographic]

30 Proven Ideas To Increase Ecommerce Conversions.

30 Proven Ideas To Increase Ecommerce Conversions.
Your ecommerce site may get a lot of visitors, but that doesn’t matter much if the conversion rate is low. Attracting potential customers isn’t enough. You have to turn them into actual customers. If you’re at a loss on where to start, apply these proven ideas to your landing page to increase Ecommerce conversions.

Ideas to Increase Ecommerce Conversion

1) Product descriptions

Customers can’t inspect the products in person when shopping online, so give them complete information instead. Depending on the product, you can provide dimensions, quality, pricing, and other details relevant to the products. You can increase conversion rate by 108%.

2) Product videos

Photos are fine, but customers want to see products in action. Share videos that clearly show how your products are used in typical scenarios. Viewers of such videos have 174% more chance of being converted.

3) Customer reviews

Many people would prefer to patronize businesses with an established good reputation. Therefore, by adding reviews from previous and present customers, you can boost sales by around 60%.

4) Call to action

A CTA encourages visitors to take the next steps you wish them to do. It can be as simple as leaving their contact details, or as big as making a purchase. As a matter of fact, prominent and compelling CTAs can increase conversions by a whopping 591%.

For a higher conversion rate, check out software company SEMrush’s infographic, 30 Proven Ideas To Increase Ecommerce Conversions.

7 Tips to Create a More Profitable Business Website in 2021

7 Tips to Create a More Profitable Business Website in 2021- infographic

7 Tips to Create a More Profitable Business Website in 2021- infographic

So, you’re thinking of going digital in 2021. Or perhaps you already have a presence on selected digital platforms. However, you feel your website needs a revamp to achieve your 2021 business objectives.

Red Website Design has identified seven tips to help build a friendlier, more customer-centric website to attract more visitors, convert more leads, and retain more customers. The following are quick highlights from their findings.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Mobile devices currently account for over half of all web traffic globally. This has been the case since 2017. For example, in the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices (excluding tablets) accounted for 54.8% of all web traffic.

Use videos

Website visitors spend up to 2.6X more time on websites with video than those without. Additionally, visitors are more engaged on pages with a video. The average visitor clicks 2.3 more pages when your site has a video on each page.

Offer a freebie

Freebies are the ultimate bait when on a campaign to drive subscriptions. Website visitors are a lot more likely to give away their email addresses and other contact information if you offer a freebie or discount. Excellent freebies include e-books, guides, and calendars.

Want to find out more ways to create a profitable business website? Check out the rest of the Red Website Design blog post.

Website Hacks to Increase Conversions and ROI [Infographic]


Website-Hacks-to-Increase-Conversions-and-ROI-700Imagine you have a store in a trendy part of town with high foot traffic. Hundreds of people walk through your doors each day to browse the merchandise. However, lots of shoppers don’t necessarily mean a lot of spending. If the store features poor customer service, a limited selection or a confusing layout, it won’t matter how many guests you attract.

The same principle applies to your website. Digital marketers and web-based businesses need to understand that the true measure of success isn’t the number of visitors you get — it’s how many of those visitors convert into paying customers. Here are a few website hacks to increase conversions.

Increase conversions on your website

There are many reasons why a website may get a high number of clicks but relatively few conversions. It may be difficult to navigate, too passive in its language or visually unappealing. Although your site may be suffering from one or more of these issues, there are several steps you can take to boost your ROI.

For instance, implementing a live chat feature can offer visitors the promise of human interaction. This may make them feel more comfortable with your site. It’s also important to remember that your landing pages should be clean and uncluttered to provide guests with a clear path of action. Redundant links or navigation bars serve only to confuse them and make it harder to get their shopping carts to the finish line.

Building a successful website means more than simply boosting its search engine ranking. Getting people to visit your site is only half the battle. For more tips and website hacks to increase conversions, see the accompanying guide.

Thanks to the folks at HelponClick for this eye-opening infographic.