Teens on Facebook: Leaving or not? Let the data speak!

Teens on Facebook, leaving or not?

Are teens leaving Facebook?  Are teens on Facebook?

The stories of the exodus have floated around for months, maybe even years.  Yet, what does the data say?

A significant study published by Insites Consulting in the fall of 2013 noted that the average millennial uses 2.5 social networks, with Facebook (66 percent), Twitter (29 percent) and Google+ (28 percent) the most popular.

A Pew Research Center study in first quarter 2014 noted that “73% of all those ages 12-17” are on Facebook.

Facebook’s 2013 Q3 report as noted in Mashable said: “Teen usage of Facebook has been a hot topic since reports began surfacing that the age group was moving on to other apps like Snapchat. In its third-quarter earnings call with analysts, Facebook CFO David Ebersman also admitted that “youth usage among U.S. teens was stable overall from Q2 to Q3, but we did see a decrease in daily users partly among younger teens.”

Data Study of 7000 Teens

A study noted in VentureBeat by curator Niche had some interesting findings:

facebook teen data study 2014

“Facebook and Youtube reign supreme, with 61 percent and 55 percent of daily active users, respectively. Instagram and the Facebook-nemesis team over at Snapchat are neck-and-neck in the race for photo sharing apps (around 50 percent).”

On another note, Facebook does come in second among high school grads in one scenario….when texting is included!  That makes sense to me!  Texting reigns supreme.

teen use of tech apps and devices


Hopefully this data helps you in those conversations where the teen use of Facebook comes into the equation!

By the way, the Pew Research Center study also noted that “Adult Facebook use is intensifying: 64% of Facebook users visit the site on a daily basis, up from 51% of users who were daily users in 2010.”  So, remember that fact and the fact that the majority of those with purchasing power are in the demographics of growing daily use on Facebook.

Your turn!  Thoughts on the data?


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