The Anatomy of the Perfect Social Media Post

The perfect social media postOnce again our friend Neil Patel  at Quick Sprout has created an amazing and informative infographic, this time on how to create the perfect social media post.

Use this article over and over as a checklist for your posts. So you may want to bookmark this page


Title: 70 Characters or less for search optimization. The title should clearly describe the content of the video and use keywords so it can be found easily.

Description: Use keywords in your description. This will help people find what they want to see (your video) easier. Include links to your website in the description area and you’ll increase your website traffic.

Add Tags: Add your keywords as tags. Your video will rank better in Google Search.


Include an Image: Posts with images are shared and liked more often than text posts.  800×600 is the perfect image size on Facebook.

Engage: Like posts, share posts and comment on posts, not only will you endear yourself to others, you’ll train Facebook as to what you want to see in your newsfeed.

Think Mobile: Optimize your posts for mobile. 78% of Facebook users are on their mobile device.  You can run TabSite contests on mobile Facebook by using the smart URL feature.


Perfect Tweet length: Twitter allows you to use 140 characters. Don’t use them all, you want retweeters to be able to add their own message to your tweet.

Add images and video: You’ll increase your click through rate by using images and video.

Shorten your URL: Use a link shortener like to shorten your link and track clicks.


No human faces: Pins without faces have 23% more engagement than pins with faces.

Use color:  You get more engagement with certain colors … red and orange get 2 times more repins and red, dark green and pink get 3 times more repins. Images with color get 10 times more repins than black and white images.

Use vertical images:  Pinterest is created for vertical images, and they perform better because they are easier to see than horizontal images.


Add a link to your website: In the description  area of your Google+ business page add a link to your website.  Google has one of the highest ranked sites, a link from Google+ to your site will give you a much-desired boost in the search engine rankings. If someone in your local area is looking for your website and they’re logged into their Google account, your site will be much more likely to show up during their search.

Tag people and brands: This will increase engagement with the people that are tagged. You’ll also get more views because you’ll be found on the tagged profile or page as well as your own.

Use #hashtags: Google+ will insert #hashtags automatically. But don’t stop there, add additional #hashtags as needed to further your posts reach.

The perfect social media post

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  1. Great infographic – it reinforces again the most important thing: Share VALUABLE information if you want to have engagement.

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