The Best Infographic EVER … Kittehs and Bacon

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If there are two things the interwebs loves, it’s bacon and kittens … Okay, the interwebs love puppies too, but they aren’t on the infographic.

Mmmm bacon. Is there anything more delicious than hot, crispy bacon? I think not!

Kittehs are sooo cute! They can be so warm and cuddly or so aloof and disapproving. But no matter what they are some of the most searched on terms on the webs.

Here is a fun graphic for your weekend, but don’t overlook its underlying message.


It is almost unfathomable the amount of searches for “cat” and “bacon.” There are millions of people searching for these terms every day.

What does that mean for your business? Even though it may hear crickets when you go to your website, there are people on their computers searching for things. And if you use the right keywords … the ones that your potential clients use to search for your business … you’ll have traffic.

Usually, these keywords are who you are and not what you do. Plumber vs. plumbing. People look for a plumber when their bathroom is flooded and leaking through the ceiling. People look for a plumbing part or DIY plumbing hints or videos. Also, if the professionals in your niche call themselves something different than what the general public calls them, go with what the general public uses i.e. Physician vs. Dr, Attorney vs. Lawyer. I know you’ve invested a lot of hard work, time and money into your profession, but keyword your website for the most common name of your profession, service or product.

Social Popularity

Short videos with a popular and fun subject get shared. Keyboard Cat has been viewed over 37 million times. 37 MILLION since 2007!

keyboard_cat_animatronic_plushHe’s added more songs to his collection, done some commercials and has a toy. He even has some imitators.

What’s the lesson for business with Keyboard Cat? Have fun with your message (even if the cat doesn’t). Humor and uplifting messages get shared. So think outside the box and have some fun with your message.

Social Networks

You don’t always need to use the “traditional” social networks. YouTube has an astounding 11 million searches a month for cats to Facebooks 3 million. Think outside the box and social network to get your message to your potential customer.

Leveraging Cats and Bacon for your own devices

1. Introduce cats and humor into your marketing mix. But do this authentically. If you hate cats … you may not want to use them. (Go for the bacon instead!)

2. Using cats may bring you a younger generation of purchasers. (Just ask

3. More than any other animal, cats go viral. Now we know the real truth to crazy cat lady. She’s the one sitting on her computer sharing all the cat videos, memes and photos with all of her friends 24/7. (Kinda like my sister!)



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