The Complete Guide to Content Optimization [Infographic]

The Complete Guide to Content Optimization Infographic-700

Content optimization is the key to a successful online presence. Valuable, enticing content optimized for search engines guarantees favorable SERP ranking, more traffic, and ultimately more conversions. It’s also critical for branding.

Unfortunately, content optimization isn’t as straightforward as we’d wish. For instance, technical SEO, which includes website and server optimizations that make your site easier to crawl, can be incredibly intimidating.

Nevertheless, it helps to understand basic SEO activities to fix the essentials even without professional assistance. Fortunately, SEM Rush has developed an easy-to-follow essential guide to search engine optimization.

The content optimization guide focuses on:

Finding suitable topics and keywords

How can you choose the best topics for your SEO campaign? What about the keywords? What tools can you use?

Establishing keyword structure

What’s keyword grouping/organization? How can you balance difficulty and efficiency when selecting keywords?

SEO interlinking

For example, What’s the purpose of link building? What are internal vs. external links? What link placement strategy works best?

In addition, it covers several other topics, such as adding visuals and strategies you can use to keep your content fresh and up-to-date.  Furthermore, the best part is that, in each section, the writer suggests several tools to help you accomplish the various tasks. You’ll also find useful examples that make it easier to grasp the topics. Check out the infographic by Semrush to help you prep for your next SEO campaign.


The-Complete-Guide-to-Content-Optimization. (Infographic)

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