The Foundations of Bringing in Leads

Lead generation

Companies on the path towards sustained growth should constantly be hungry for new leads. It’s these leads that can give you access to new demographics, new markets, and new geographies from which you’ll be able to leap to your next phase of growth. This article explores the ways in which you can access and create new leads, often through the creative use of your human resources and the marketing laws that govern the digital space. Read on for some of the best-regarded ways for you to generate new leads for your company over time.

Traditional Marketing

There are a number of ways in which you can bring in new leads by marketing in the ‘offline’ world. It’s actually a world in which fewer and fewer businesses can see the use of advertising in, given the huge rise of digital technologies in the last twenty years. This represents an opportunity for smart companies to grow with new leads. You should consider:

  • Poster and billboard campaigns with slickly-designed logos and marketing content
  • Guerilla marketing campaigns that take consumers and customers by surprise
  • Town center chats and surveys with consumers who might like your company
  • Radio and television advertisements targeting specific demographics

You might be cynical about how these marketing techniques will work in the modern era of the internet, but you’ll be equally surprised at how effective, and cheap, these methods can be.

Online Marketing

More aligned with current marketing wisdom is the online world – the world of digital marketing. Here, you’ll use your website as the base of operations from which you grow a succinct and savvy operation to draw in new leads to your business and to generate sales and partnerships with those leads. Look to the professional external expertise from companies such as Digivante in order to build your website’s capabilities for marketing and to draw in admirers on the world wide web. Digital marketing is a huge and fractured field, but here are some of the best ways to bring in new business from previously hard-to-access markets.

Social Media Marketing

The beauty of social media is that it’s a public space where most of the world are gathered. There are billions of web users – potential leads and customers – on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Naturally, this represents a gigantic realm of potential for you to exploit and make use of. Use your social media marketing channels to put out the content that you see will be most applicable and tempting to the demographics you’re trying to appeal to and, who knows, one of your smart, witty and insightful pieces may go viral – generating you the hits you need to grow your market share.

Programmatic Marketing

Another way to access new markets (or, indeed, to double down on the type of consumer that you know loves your brand) is to market in a targeted fashion on the internet. This essentially entails reading a web user’s digital footprint; their demographic, data-driven biography, in ultra-fast speeds in order to ascertain whether your advert should be placed in their feed or whether it shouldn’t. By targeting specific profiles to sell your products to, you’ll be better able to draw in the customers you’re aiming at building into leads and partners for the future.

Strong Marketing Personnel

For these tips to really work for your business, it’s imperative that you employ a wonderfully gifted and talented team of digital marketers. If you’re unable to onboard this talent into your business, you should waste no time in looking externally in order to find the skills and expertise you need to make a success of your marketing plans.

Generate new, exciting and profitable leads with the advice provided above – designed to give you the best shot at building a larger and more profitable business for the future.

About April Heavens- Woodcock

Author: April Heavens–Woodcock , is the Chief Buzz Officer Touching Clients a Digital Marketing Firm that specializes in strategic online marketing development for businesses. She is passionate about helping businesses grow their bottom line with effective tools. She speaks regularly on social media, email marketing, and marketing around the East Coast.