Tips for a Fast Launch on Facebook

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Recently, a Social Media Manager reached out to us with a question about how they can help a client gain quick traction for their restaurant rebrand and relaunch.  They had about 5 weeks to build momentum for the launch.  We outlined some answers and figured that our community could also derive value from this, so here’s the general message and our input on:

Tips for a Fast Launch on Facebook

From the Social Media Manager, setting the stage: 

Hi there, I’ve been asked to help a restaurant with their re-brand/ re-launch to get a buzz going on social media. We only have 5 weeks from now!!

Wondered if you had any suggestions on things that have been run with TabSite in this sector at all please? They’re doing Lebanese quick & simple stuff, rather than 5* gourmet!!

Ongoing PInterest & Instagram would be nice but I think twitter promos and FB comps/ promos with ads are the way to go in this short space of time!!


(PS They can subscribe to TabSite monthly can’t they?)

Our Response and added details to help any Business Build Momentum on Facebook:

We agree that some promotions on tabs and running contests can help create buzz and grow the email list! Here are some tips:

1. Use “Attaction” posts & Timeline contests:

Timeline Contests (Like, Comment type promotions) in the news feed are great ways to build momentum, grow reach, and increase engagement.  By offering a “Comment on this post to enter to win xyz gift” a Facebook Page is inviting:

  • Engagement: Users must comment to enter.  This is pure engagement and helps send signals to Facebook that the fan likes the Page content and more content from that Page can be visible to the fan going forward.
  • Reach: When visitors comment, this goes into their news feed activity and their friends have potential to see this and come over to chime in.
  • By making timeline contests “time limited” promotions, such as 4-6 hours, this encourages immediate action and keeps entrants interested and motivated to act.

Timeline contests help your “Attraction” stage, but they don’t help you grow specific leads.  Tab promotions help you gain actual leads.  The “Attraction” phase is critical, however, to help you grow your audience.

Second tip is to be social in your posts pre-launch.  Have fun, use images, inspire people. This is critical to “attract” interaction!

See more on the Facebook Funnel and Attraction stage here: Create a Facebook Funnel

2. Tabs for Lead Capture and Information:

By creating tabs and then driving traffic via news feed posts to these tabs (and using other channels like email marketing, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+), brands can drive traffic to specific tabs where a simple offer is given that helps encourages sign-ups.

 INCENTIVIZED Email Sign-up Tabs on Facebook

To increase the percentage of users that will sign-up, use an incentive!

By offering something of value, such as a coupon, discount, or simple sweepstakes (enter to win a gift card to our store) this acts as a motivator that increases the desire for fans to opt-in.


Basically, you give a little, to get something of value in return!  The incentive acts as the conduit to pave the way for the person to give you their email address.

Once on the list, you can then nurture them so they learn more about your business, learn to trust your company, and ultimately make a purchase and become a customer.

3. Driving Traffic and Exposure with Facebook Ads:

Yes, if your timeline is short and you need to ensure you are reaching your target, Facebook Ads can really help.  The value of Facebook Ads is that you can target a precise demographic, whether that is geographically by city or area, or by interest, or via fans of your Page.

Facebook news feeds are crowded and natural reach to fans by Pages is harder to get for sure.  Facebook Ads can make the difference and it doesn’t have to cost very much!

Jon Loomer has great “How To’s” on Facebook Ads setup >>

Using the Ads Manager or Power Editor in Facebook (or even Boost Post for the quick and dirty ad method) you can setup ads that for $3-4/day and perhaps $.10-30 a click really generate some traction for you.

Jon Loomer Ads ROI

Jon Loomer Ads ROI

If you’re timeline is short, ads are needed!  You can run ads on Timeline Contest posts, and on your tab promotions.  You can even run ads on everyone who commented on a Timeline Contest!

Here are some additional posts to review:

(Yes, you can sign-up for a monthly plan, no problem! 🙂 )
Any questions or thoughts on these tips?

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