Tips for Last Minute Valentine’s Day Facebook Contests

Tips for Last Minute Valentine's Day Facebook Contests

Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Are you ready?

  • This Valentine’s day sales are expected to reach $18.9 billion, second only to Christmas (National Retail Federation).
  • The NRF is projecting the average amount spent per person on Valentine’s gifts will be an average of $142.31.
  • And with this Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday, restaurants will be standing room only. It’s estimated that $3.6 billion will be spent on restaurants and movies.

Here’re some surprising facts that may inspire your Valentine’s Day marketing.

  • 21% of people that own pets will include them in their celebrations.
  • Men spend twice as much on Valentine’s Day as women.
  • Adults 25-34 will spend the most money on Valentine’s Day.

How can you take advantage of the Valentine’s Day sales?

Send out a quick Valentine’s Day Deal on your Facebook page using the approved Deal on Facebook Page app.

  1. Identify your buyer. Are you targeting males or females? For Valentine’s day, you may have a product for females, but need to target males as they are going to be the buyers. What age is your buyer?
  2. Use your Facebook insights to identify the time when this audience is on Facebook.
  3. In your Deal, use the language that will entice and connect with your identified audience. Your language will be different for a female audience than a male audience.
  4. Solve your buyer’s problems. This week, men will need a fast, easy gift. Women spend more time planning their gifts; they may have already purchased, but this maybe a great time for a trip or special event.

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Facebook Contests and Promotions:

Use the Photo Contest App to have the entrants share their homemade Valentine’s cards and gifts. Or have entrants take a photo of them using your product or service that they love.

Use the Essay Contest App for a “Love Letter” contest. Have entrants write a few lines about your product or service.

Use the Timeline Contest App for a fill in the blank contest.

  • If my life were a romantic movie it would be _________.
  • The best love some ever written is ____________.

Use the Coupon app to create and launch a discount code for online use, or a coupon/discount for in store products purchase.

Use the the Sweepstakes app for a “Dinner for Two” giveaway.

See How to Create a Facebook Marketing Campaign for a Tab Coupon for details.

There’s still time to get in on Valentine’s Day sales. Use TabSite to help you market quickly and professionally from your Facebook page or website.

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