Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2021 [Infographic]

Infographic of Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2021.We can all agree 2020 is a crazy ride. But in spite of its unpredictability, experts forecasted the following social media trends for 2021 based on what has been going on this year:

1. Appealing to nostalgia

The pandemic made people clamor for things that feel safe. They wanted to be reminded of simpler times, which is why nostalgia mentions increased by 88% during the lockdown. People will still be reminiscing next year, so you can engage them with nostalgia marketing that evokes memories of the way they were.

2. Taking a stand on global issues

Issues such as climate crisis, public health, and economic development are hot topics this year. People are now more socially conscious than ever. They want to patronize brands that support global issues they care about. To engage your target audience, find out what they stand for, then have something beneficial to say about it.

3. Fighting fake news

As of June 2020, there have been more than a hundred million mentions of fake news. You can do your part in fighting fake news by being the bearer of real news. Sharing timely, relevant, and accurate content will help your target audience and also boost your brand’s authority in the process.

Three down, seven more to go! Check out other predicted social media trends for 2021 in the infographic below from our friends at SocialMediaToday.

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