Top 3 Foolproof Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

Foolproof Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

Social media is one of the most significant avenues for businesses to advertise themselves. Gone are the days when TV and print ads were the primary ways to let people know about your business. With over 223 million Americans on social media, you’re likely to find your target audience here. However, if you’re lost on how to run a social media marketing ad campaign effectively, here are a few tricks guaranteed to help you succeed.

  1. Take advantage of their ad filters

Social media uses algorithmic techniques like data annotation to ensure businesses that run ads on their platform can target the users who are most likely to avail of their product or service. Most business owners make the mistake of refusing to be specific with their ad targeting, thinking that the more people see their ads, the more customers they’re likely to get. However, this scheme will bleed you dry. The less targeted your ads are, the more expensive they tend to run. You’re not getting your money’s worth since it’s unlikely that a significant percentage of the people who see your ads are interested in what you have to offer.

Think of it this way: if you’re selling a product geared towards women, why bother advertising on the social media profiles of men? By filtering out men in your ad campaign options, you can lower your ad rates, minimizing costs.

  1. Understand each platform

Not all social media sites are the same. Think of social media platforms as tools. Each tool has a specific use, and understanding these differences is crucial in successfully building a following on each site. For example, YouTube is ideal for long videos, while Instagram is better for photos and short videos. You can take advantage of Instagram’s grid layout to make creative 3×3 ads. Or, develop a theme to make your profile visually pleasing. You can also take advantage of features like Facebook Shopping to streamline customer purchases.

  1. Build a content calendar

When it comes to social media, consistency is critical. With the deluge of content people encounter on their feed every day, the way you can ensure you stay at the forefront of customers’ minds is by sticking to a content calendar. A content calendar can help you manage your social media posts and platforms to ensure your online presence is cohesive and unified. First, research the ideal time to post content so you’re achieving maximum reach. Next, study what content formats resonate with your target audience the most and listen to any feedback they may have to improve your content quality. Finally, remember to post often enough that you’re not forgotten, but don’t post so often that you’re spamming your customers’ feeds.

Social media marketing is a fantastic tool for expanding your business. Many small to medium enterprises have experienced massive success on these platforms, and you can do it, too. Use it to interact with customers and gain feedback. Take advantage of features like analytics to make smarter business decisions.