Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior

understanding sonsumers local search behavior

Understanding consumers’ local search behavior is integral to sales. It helps to know that consumers search for products or services nearby, and that they search on every type device from phones and tablets to laptops and home computers.

Take a quick look at some of the statistics surrounding consumers’ local search behavior:

  • 80% of the population uses search engines to find local products and services
  • 88% use smartphones and 84% use tablets or computers
  • 54% of consumers search for business hours
  • 53% search for directions to a business
  • 50% search for local store addresses

Based on this research, it makes sense that you should be featuring you business’s address as well as directions to your location in your ads. Keep in mind that:

  • 50% of consumers visit store within a day of local search on smartphone
  • 34% of consumers visit store within a day of local search on computer/tablet
  • 18% of local smartphone searches lead to purchase

Based on this information, make sure you use radius bidding to reach consumers and build and attribution model.

Remember to use location bid adjustments to fine-tune bids for specific areas. Consumers search from everywhere, so tailor your ads for various locations and contexts.

At the end of an in depth study by Google, researchers found that 80% of consumers want ads tailored to their zip code, and more than 70% felt it was important to have directions and a call button in the advertisement.

Check out this inforgraphic for more details on how to understand consumer’s local search behavior.

understanding local search behavior

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