Useful Tips for Improving Call Center Performance

Useful Tips for Improving Call Center Performance

Managing a call center requires careful planning and lots of hard work. This is to be expected, as call centers generally employ a large number of people who are required to handle customer queries, solve problems, and reach sales targets.

As a call center manager, you likely need some help and guidance to improve performance levels and keep everything running smoothly, so here are some pro tips for you to read.

Use customer service analytics 

Customer service analytics are a fundamental part of all modern businesses – not just call centers. You need to use customer service analytics to learn about the customer journey. This way, you can make relevant improvements to your call center performance.

How is this possible? It’s possible because customer service analytics provide valuable insight into your team’s performance levels through flexible dashboards. Through these dashboards, you can review group or individual performance levels to see who is doing well and who is underperforming (for example, one employee might be getting persistent call drops, which isn’t good). Additionally, customer service analytics allow you to analyze KPIs, such as customer satisfaction levels, which are a gold mine for improving performance levels.

Focus on personalization 

Call centers that focus on personalization in their services are much more likely to experience success with customers. So, what exactly is personalized customer service in the world of call centers? Here are some examples of how you can improve personalization:

  • Provide on-hold music where customers can choose from a selection of songs
  • Always address customers by their name
  • Assign agents to specific customers for consistency and familiarity purposes (it’s better for customers to speak to the same agent each call rather than a new representative every time)
  • Keep detailed customer files for agents to refer to both before and during calls

Provide an excellent employee experience 

Businesses often say: “The customer comes first.” 

Although this is a healthy attitude to have, your call center employees are just as important. They are the guiders of your ship – without them, there is no call center.

Therefore, you need to provide an excellent work experience for them that helps drive motivation and enthusiasm levels. Thankfully, there are many ways you can improve the work experience.

Firstly, modern call centers are now – largely because of the recent pandemic – providing employees with the luxury option to either work from home or come into the office. This is an excellent way to make your employees happy, as many of them will prefer to work from home. Providing you have the right equipment and resources, make sure you provide your team with this choice.

Furthermore, your call center needs to offer incentives and rewards for your best employees who work tirelessly every month. These could be bonuses, or promotions to a higher rank in the company (many call centers have management ladders for employees to metaphorically climb).

For employees working in your office headquarters, it’s also important that they are given high-quality working conditions – which means the best possible equipment (from headsets to chairs), social areas, and plenty of natural light.

Hire the best employees 

When it comes to hiring at call centers, it’s not about who has the best university degree. Rather, it’s about customer service experience and personality. If candidates don’t have experience in customer service, there’s nothing wrong with giving them the opportunity to learn. But, this isn’t going to give you instant performance improvements. Instead, you should be looking to hire experienced pros who have a proven track record of excellent customer service.


These are some useful tips to help improve productivity and your call center performance. In the post-pandemic world, you’re going to experience a ton of new challenges. Therefore, it’s important to use these tips to stay ahead of your competition and maintain your advantage within the industry.

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