What Image Type Should I Use and When to Use It?

What image type shoul I use and when to use it

Images can make or break your post. Ever ask your self, “What image type should I use here?”. Well how do you know what file type of images is best to use in a blog post or social media post? Hopefully, this infographic will straighten out that dilemma for you.

Images are critical because:

  1. Posts with eye-catching visuals get more engagement and more shares.
  2. Images suck up website resources and can lengthen the load time of your website. If someone has to wait more than 3 seconds for your website to load, chances are very good that they will get frustrated and close the site rather than view it.

This infographic from our friends at WhoisHostingThis.com clearly explains the difference between jpeg, gif and png and spells out what is the best use for each file version.

Click through on the infographic for a very comprehensive blog post about the pro’s and con’s of each file and how to use each file type.

What image type shoul I use and when to use it

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  1. Left out something important. Don’t save jpeg files as progressive. Progressive jpegs are not compatible with all website software and may not be compatible with all browsers. The progressive jpegs can also sometimes stall while loading in the browser making it look like your images are terrible.

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