Why Omnichannel Commerce Is Good for Your Business

Why Omnichannel Commerce Is Good for Your Business

Firstly, it is essential to understand what omnichannel means. In retail, it is a multi-channel approach that helps provide seamless customer experience on several channels—whether that is on a mobile device, laptop, or in an actual store. Omnichannel operations focus on the whole customer experience, not just an individual’s experience on one channel. If a customer shops predominantly on a mobile device but occasionally shops in-store, omnichannel solutions will consider the customer experience holistically rather than at individual steps.

So, in essence, omnichannel commerce is a system in which businesses sell their products on multi-channels that are all connected, making for a seamless customer experience. So fr many business owners, you might be curious why omnichannel commerce is suitable for your business?  This blog will give you a run-down of the benefits, as well as what support services are available.

Increased Sales

Having a business model accessible on multiple platforms and an integrated shopping experience allows users to shop between devices seamlessly. This can help increase your business sales. Every channel that your business runs in should seamlessly pass into the next so users do not experience the change. For example, a customer could try on an item in a store, scan the tag on their mobile device, then purchase it at home later that day.

The Havard Business Review says that a study of 46,000 shoppers showed 73% of people shopping on multiple channels. Furthermore, shoppers that engaged on numerous channels are far more likely to purchase more often. A phenomenon that is likely due to increased access and longer time to interact with a product.

Brand loyalty

Not only do sales increase, but customers become more loyal to the brand if you increase your presence and their experience on multiple platforms.  An engaging brand story on various platforms, from social media to email newsletters, will attract customers and keep them loyal. They will feel an affinity to your brand; they will know what your offer and how it best suits them. For example, there are multiple channels on which you can push discounts, highlight campaigns, and bring out other traditional marketing tricks. These will undoubtedly keep customers loyal and happy that you are a brand they trust.

Better Customer Experience 

A unified experience will ensure that customers are getting the most from what you have to offer. Accessing all platforms and channels in which your brand permeates gives customers the best chance to immerse themselves in your brand offers.

Furthermore, omnichannel retail encourages business owners to refine the seamless integration between channels and touchpoints for customers. Managing customer experience within an omnichannel business model might seem like a daunting task; this is because the business lies on multiple platforms. Each individual has a preferred way to interact; however outsourced omnichannel solutions give companies the best chance to offer a top-rated customer experience. Solutions like these break down the walls and barriers of communication between each platform. They allow the consumer to interact in whatever way they feel most comfortable. Allowing consumer experience to feel natural will help empower them and ultimately help them feel more engaged with your brand.

Understanding the customer’s perspective is at the heart of omnichannel retail and ensuring a seamless and easy consumer experience. Rolling out a brand that touches multiple channels and understanding the interactions of each experience will better your business model and prospects. Especially in an age when technology is taking of faster than most businesses can keep up. Omnichannel is the future of eCommerce, so it is worthwhile jumping on board.

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Author: April Heavens–Woodcock , is the Chief Buzz Officer Touching Clients a Digital Marketing Firm that specializes in strategic online marketing development for businesses. She is passionate about helping businesses grow their bottom line with effective tools. She speaks regularly on social media, email marketing, and marketing around the East Coast.