Working From Home the New Normal? [Infographic]

In recent years, employees working remotely has been an issue that organizations have responded to in different ways. Since the advent of the internet, remote work has been a possibility for more people. With the additional technological advances of Wi-Fi, IoT, mobile data, and app development, this option would seem to be inevitable. Multiple studies have proven that working remotely makes employees happier and more productive, so a transition to a more flexible work-life balance would appear to be a natural progression.

Companies have limited Options

In 2020, everything has been changed with the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. Organizations are left with working from home as the only option. As only essential workers are able to continue with their work outside the home. This has meant that a new home working lifestyle has been created for a large proportion of the population. In a new infographic by IT support company, Computers In The City illustrates the full details of these new changes.

Benefits of Working From Home

There are numerous benefits of working from home that physical distancing restrictions have brought to light. Not only does it make employees happier in their working lives, but it’s also proven to increase productivity and success, and save both money and time. Telecommuting can help the environment, as CO2 emissions are saved from actual commuting.

There are a number of challenges to overcome in the transition to a home office. Many people struggle to work independently when they are used to working alongside others in an office. But with the right tools, advice, and guidance, this can be easily managed. Cybersecurity is another issue, so it’s important to ensure the right measures are in place before accessing the network remotely. Then, all we need to do is adjust to the new norm.

Thanks to the folks at Computers in the City for this helpful infographic.


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