Facebook Cover Image PowerPoint Design Template for Pages

Easily create a custom Facebook Cover image using PowerPoint!

We’ve created a template that anyone can use. Simply download the file, open in PowerPoint and then follow the instructions to create on slide 3 your perfect, custom cover image.  Then save and load to Facebook!  Click below to access PowerPoint file.

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View the slides and Template here:

7 thoughts on “Facebook Cover Image PowerPoint Design Template for Pages

  1. Your process is the future of ETHICAL MARKETING PRACTICES. Thank you Mike for an informative site. As a 63 year old female who started in the internet age, but somehow got out of the loop for many years (earning a living as a teacher instead of an entrepreneur) I am new to the intricacies of social media and am learning slowly but surely. Your concise tutorial will take me a while to implement on my SpeakerMentors FB page, but it will not be forgotten.

    Would you be able to give a brief tutorial on what to AVOID? Kind of a marketing netiquette? Thanks!

  2. As soon as I clicked to post, I saw some other links that looked like exactly what I was looking for. Now I will see what you recommend. Thanks again!

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